‘LPBW’: Fans Are Upset With Amy Roloff for Her Statement on Using Reusable Bags

If there’s one Little People, Big World star fans tend to love, it’s Amy Roloff. While Amy is dealing quarantine due to coronavirus (COVID-19) like the rest of the U.S., she has a smile on her face as she keeps fans updated on life with Chris Marek in her new home. And she’s also pushing some new products and recipes from her side business, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

Unfortunately, it seems Amy may have missed the mark on her sales pitch for her reusable bags. Here’s what her fans are saying.

Amy Roloff has made a few statements regarding coronavirus on Instagram

Amy keeps fans in the loop regarding what’s going on with her life. From moving off of Roloff Farms post-divorce from Matt Roloff to finding her new place, she’s gone through rough times — but she always has hope. And she’s also given fans plenty of words of encouragement as they move through the current pandemic.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of everyone and I’m trying to do my best,” Amy told her Instagram followers in a video posted in March 2020. “But I think it’s a reminder for us to do our due diligence to stay safe, stay healthy, and do everything that we can to try and make that happen. Not only for ourselves, but those around us.”

Amy also took to Facebook Live to talk to her followers about what’s going on. “I know so many of you guys are missing some huge, huge events,” Amy noted. “We hear it on the news. We hear it all over the place.” But she still offered words of encouragement to those who are disappointed.

She’s promoting her tote bags to help the environment during the pandemic

It looks like Little People, Big World is filming despite the pandemic. But Amy’s also keeping herself busy with Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. Her small business features recipes, treats, and merchandise that fans can buy. And now, it seems she’s promoting her tote bags on Instagram.

“It’s important that we all reduce our plastic use to help the environment, and reusable tote bags can help!” Amy captioned her post of her showing off her totes. “Oregon no longer gives bags away in stores so I always have to bring totes to the store with me to carry all my groceries!”

She then went on to explain the benefits of her specific tote bags she’s selling online, as they come in varying sizes. “You can get them on my website, the link is in my bio!” Amy added.

‘Little People, Big World’ fans are slamming the post

Amy Roloff from 'Little People, Big World' visits Hollywood Today
Amy Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ visits Hollywood Today | David Livingston/Getty Images

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Amy certainly means well her with post. But not everyone’s a fan of what she’s adding to Instagram. Some fans took to the post to explain that many stores in the U.S. aren’t allowing reusable bags in stores due to the coronavirus.

“Since COVID we haven’t been able to use our reusable bags,” one follower noted.

“Because of the covid virus, we can’t take our own tote bags into stores,” another wrote. “We have to use their plastic bags.”

Others found the post tone deaf to the current world happenings.

“Oregon has bigger problems than plastic bAgs!!!” another wrote.

“No reusable bags in Wisconsin either but suddenly that’s the least of our worries,” another wrote. “Mask up folks and stay safe and be kind.”

Hopefully, reusable bags will be allowed in stores once coronavirus cases decrease country-wide. Until then, Amy might not be selling too many with this post.

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