‘LPBW’ Fans Think Amy Roloff Looks Better Than Ever As She Heads Back to Michigan

This year’s been quite a time for Amy Roloff. On Little People, Big World, we watched her navigate single life on the farm post-divorce from Matt, and she had a huge decision to make at the end of the season. Ultimately, she tearfully decided it was time to move away from the home she’s known for decades — and fans watched her struggle through the process for months. Not only that, but she released her memoir, A Little Me, which certainly had her followers talking.

Now, she just announced on Instagram that she’s headed “home” to Michigan. And while she’s gone through tough times, fans think she’s emerged glowing on the other side. Here’s what they’re saying.

Amy Roloff is heading back to Michigan to spend time with her parents

While Amy’s busily making arrangements for her future move, she’s also touring for her memoir and visiting her family in Michigan. She just posted her plans for going back “home” to Instagram, too. “Looking forward to spending time with my Mom and Dad. My mom is hanging in there and so is my dad and at their age time with them is even more precious,” she captioned her post.

Fans who follow Amy likely recall her previous posts regarding her mother’s illness. “Wish it was for other reasons than my Mom being in the hospital- I love coming ‘home’ to Michigan,” she posted back in June. And while her mother’s health appeared uncertain, it seems she’s on the mend. Amy posted another photo with her mom and dad, and while the caption started out with her mother not being able to leave the hospital, Amy followed it up with some good news. “Just heard from my sister. I guess my Mom is going home after all. Woohoo!” she wrote.

She’s been struggling to find the perfect house for her to move into

Amy always seems to keep her spirits high when she’s posting to Instagram, but fans know how much of a struggle it was for her to let go of her half of Roloff Farms. And finding a new home has proven to be quite challenging, too. While her boyfriend, Chris Marek, is a realtor and has been helping her look at homes, Amy explained on Facebook Live that she’s been waiting for the right home to pop up for the last six months. And she also posted to Instagram that the home she didn’t get the home she put an offer down on.

“I was bummed my offer on a house got rejected. I was thankful Chris was with me and the comfort he gave to just quietly help me to let it go and tell me there’s going to be another house I can make a home,” she captioned her post.

According to Instagram Stories, she may be ready to put another offer down, however. “Guess what? Today, I looked at a few more houses. And there might be a possibility of another one that I might make an offer on,” she explained on her Instagram story on July 24.

Fans think she’s looking happy and less stressed these days

Despite the difficulties of finding a new home, fans think Amy looks like she’s glowing these days. And perhaps finally making the decision with the farm and speaking her truth in her memoir is what did it. “You look so happy and not stressed,” one fan commented on her recent post of her visiting Michigan. Another added, “You look good Amy!!!” Finally, another one of her followers wrote, “Love the flowers ,so glad you are doing well, you have been through alot, you deserve the best [sic].”

It seems the general consensus is that Amy looks better than ever. And we’re hoping she has a safe and happy trip back to Michigan, too!

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