‘LPBW’: Jacob Roloff’s Wife, Isabel Rock, Is Showing Major Support for Amy Roloff After Unfortunate News

We’ve been keeping up with Matt and Amy Roloff through all of their ups and downs via Little People, Big World. The last season saw the exes at odds regarding what to do with Roloff Farms. While Amy eventually decided to sell her half of the farm to Matt, it was still a tough decision — and we saw plenty of tears from her as she decided to move forward and start anew.

More recently, life seemed to look up for Amy, as her boyfriend of three years, Chris Marek, proposed. While the Roloff matriarch gleefully said yes, she then shared sad family news with her Instagram followers. And it seems her daughter-in-law, Isabel Rock, is helping her through the process.

Amy Roloff’s mother just passed away

Amy Roloff has been posting about her mother’s failing health for months now. Back in June, Amy posted this throwback photo of her mother and father with a caption stating she was going back “home” to Michigan to visit them. “My mom isn’t doing so well and I need to see them. Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get,” Amy captioned her post. And since then, she’s given her fans regular updates regarding the state of her mother’s health.

Sadly, despite the happy news of Amy’s engagement, she recently posted about her mother passing away. “She died on the 24th. My heart broke, I cried and sadness came upon me. I didn’t know what emotions to feel. Happy one moment sad the next. The woman who raised and taught me so much and loved me along w/ my dad passed away,” Amy captioned her post dedicated to her mom. “I’m thankful for so much because of my Mom. I’m thankful she believed and had faith and know she’s with Jesus now. I’m thankful I got to talk to her on Sunday before she went to the hospital and then passed away.”

Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock, lost her mother to breast cancer

If there’s anyone who has any idea what Amy’s going through right now, it’s Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock. Jacob just tied the knot with Rock in September, and she’s proven to fit right in with the other Roloffs. And she also has a close relationship with Amy, as her mother passed away from breast cancer back in 2014, In Touch Weekly reminds us.

In October 2017, Rock added this heartfelt post about her close relationship with her mom. “She was my best friend. I know everybody says that about their mom but I mean we did everything together. Friends would ask me to hangout and almost always I would’ve rather hung out with her. Now I know why, I didn’t have much time,” Rock wrote.

Amy’s followers have also commented on how fantastic it’s been for Rock to have a mother-like influence in her life again. As one of Rock’s family friends commented on another Instagram post from Amy, “As someone who had a large part in isabels family life I want to say thank you Amy. For loving her and doing your best to substitute what Toni was so good at, being a mom. Isabel is one of the most precious gift this world has given me. So thank you again for opening your home and heart to her.”

Rock is showing her support for Amy

Since Rock knows the hardships that come with losing a mother, she offered her condolences to Amy on Amy’s Instagram post. “Love you so much and you know I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I’m always here for you. Losing your mom is the hardest thing, but you are so strong and always have been,” Rock wrote. “I wish I could have met her more than once but I feel so blessed to have met her at the cabin up in Michigan, and to have seen her face light up when she told me sunflowers were your sister Cindy’s favorite too.”

Amy gave her own heartfelt message back, as she wrote, “thank you so much my DIL Isabel. I’m just so happy she got to meet you, her grandson’s wife. Love you too.”

We’re sending comforting thoughts to Amy during this time — and we’re glad she has an army of supporters by her side, too.

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