‘LPBW’: Jacob Roloff’s Wife Just Said She’s Ultra Close to This Family Member Fans Rarely See

When Little People, Big World first began, it was all about Amy and Matt Roloff’s relationship and how they were raising their four children while taking care of the family farm. A lot changed over the course of 15 years, however. Matt and Amy’s relationship has since fallen apart, and Amy just sold her half of Roloff Farms to Matt last season. Not only that, but just one of the Roloff kids — Zach — is featured consistently on the show.

Every once in a while, fans will get a glimpse of Jeremy Roloff on the show. And Jacob Roloff has made it clear he’s never returning to TV. Molly Roloff, however, remains somewhat of a mystery. She quietly left the show and isn’t public on social media, so fans often wonder what she’s up to. Oddly enough, Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock, just posted about Molly and their close relationship on Instagram.

Molly Roloff is rarely seen at any family events

With four Roloff kids, fans often wonder why Zach and his wife, Tori, are the only other Roloffs aside from Matt any Amy regularly featured on the show. And Molly Roloff remains quite elusive. While both Jeremy and Jacob have spoken out about why they chose to leave the show behind and pursue other ventures, Molly quietly left it all behind, married her husband, moved to Washington, and now lives a life totally removed from reality TV.

Fans often wonder where Molly is, too. As one fan commented on this Instagram post of Jacob Roloff’s wife’s bridal shower, “Sad not seeing Molly at these family avents [sic].” And Amy actually took the time to answer the comment. “I know. She is always missed but she’ll be at the wedding. She’s a working woman in Spokane,” Amy wrote back.

Jacob Roloff’s wife is apparently incredibly close with Molly

Jacob Roloff vowed to never be on reality TV again after he left the show — and that’s the reason his wedding to wife Isabel Rock wasn’t televised. Even without the cameras, though, Roloff fans who follow the family on Instagram got to see how beautiful their wedding day was. And, as promised by Amy, we got to see Molly in a few of the photos that day.

It’s clear Rock gets along quite well with her in-laws, too, as she frequently comments on both Matt and Amy’s Instagram posts and appears at family events. But fans had no idea how close she was with Molly until a recent Instagram post wishing the elusive Roloff a happy birthday. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this gem of a human, Molly,” Rock captioned the post. “Right from the beginning, you made me feel welcome and loved coming into the family. You are the sweetest sister anyone could ask for, thank you for standing beside us as we said our vows. We love you so much.”

Isabel Rock also gave a shoutout to Amy Roloff

While Rock is close with Molly, it appears she may be even closer with Amy. On the same Instagram post, she also wished Amy a happy birthday and added just how much she cares for her mother-in-law. “I got so lucky!!!” Rock captioned her post regarding Amy. “You have seen Jacob and I through many seasons, always cheering us on. You are such a strong lady and we are grateful to have you.”

We also can’t forget that Rock’s mother passed away from breast cancer in 2014, so it’s likely she looks up to Amy as a mother figure. And someone close to Rock even mentioned this on Amy’s Instagram post from the bridal shower.

The family friend close to Rock commented, “As someone who had a large part in isabels family life I want to say thank you Amy. For loving her and doing your best to substitute what Toni was so good at, being a mom. Isabel is one of the most precious gift this world has given me. So thank you again for opening your home and heart to her [sic].”

Whether it’s Amy or Molly, we’re glad Rock fits right in with the women of the Roloff family. Despite the controversies of the past, it appears she also gets along with Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, too!

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