‘LPBW’: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Appear to Be Missing From Amy Roloff’s Birthday Celebration

The Roloffs have been on TV for nearly a decade and a half, and it’s hard to believe filming is already starting for the next season of Little People, Big World. The last season of the show had viewers witnessing a ton of drama between Matt and Amy Roloff. While Matt and Amy decided to both stay on Roloff Farms property post-divorce, Amy ultimately made the difficult decision to sell her half of the farm to Matt. Now, she’s on a mission to find a new home and documenting her life for her followers on Instagram.

On a high note, Amy just celebrated her birthday and shared her big day on Instagram. Oddly enough, it appears Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were missing from the celebration. Here’s what was noticed.

Amy Roloff just showed her birthday celebration on Instagram

The divorce from Matt certainly wasn’t easy for Amy Roloff — and after the success of her memoir, A Little Me, her fans got to hear her candid account of what occurred. Despite the drama, however, Amy is still learning how to let loose and enjoy her life. On Instagram, she just added photos from her birthday celebration.

“My greatest gift I could ask for on my birthday are my kids and grandkids. Each moment I spend with them is priceless memories. Thank you so much Isabel, Jacob, Zachary, Tori, Jackson – Missing Jeremy, Audrey, Ember, Molly and Joel. I love you all forever and always. What a wonderful beginning to my birthday day!” she captioned the post.

Amy gives a sweet shout out to more people in her post than are seen in the photos. Given what she posted, we only see Jacob Roloff and his wife, Isabel, as well as Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, as well as their son, Jackson.

Jeremy and Audrey appeared to be missing from the big day

Audrey Roloff via Instagram Story
Audrey Roloff’s Instagram Story of Amy Roloff and Ember Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram Story

So, where are Amy’s two other kids, Jeremy and Molly? Molly lives in a different state altogether and isn’t often in attendance to family events. But Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, live close by and are commonly at celebrations like this one. And we can’t forget that Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter, Ember, just turned 2 years old. The excited parents decided to have their daughter’s celebration on the farm, and given what Matt posted to his Instagram, Amy attended the party.

Jeremy didn’t even post any birthday wishes to his mom — but Audrey did add a sweet message to her Instagram Story. “Happy birthday Grandma Mimi we love you,” Audrey posted along with a photo of Amy with Ember.

Fans have some opinions about the event

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Jeremy and Audrey are typically at family events while Jacob Roloff isn’t often featured on Amy’s Instagram, so the dynamic for the birthday celebration was unexpected. Even so, it’s doubtful there’s any bad blood between Amy and Jeremy or Audrey. Audrey’s sweet birthday message proved she still deeply cares for her mother-in-law and most likely just couldn’t attend the celebration. Not only that, but the couple just lost a close friend and are assuredly taking some time for themselves to grieve.

Some fans have opinions regarding Amy’s birthday post, however. As one commented, “Tori and Zach are so sweet to you and I’m so glad you have another sweet daughter-in-law like Isabel. I think the way Audrey treat you is terrible…she is a rude person.” Many others disagreed with this sentiment completely, however. “Audrey and Jeremy are in mourning over the death Monday night of a good friend so they are probably helping his wife and children in some way!” another commented.

We’re hoping Amy had a wonderful birthday, and we’re sure Audrey and Jeremy will celebrate with her another time in the near future.

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