‘LPBW’: Jeremy Roloff Just Posted Throwback Photos to Instagram After a ‘Sad’ Event on Roloff Farms

While Matt and Amy Roloff were at the center of the Little People, Big World storyline last season, fans adore hearing about their adult kids, too. Zach Roloff, the only child of Matt and Amy’s who also has dwarfism, is featured on the show with his wife, Tori. But Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly have chosen to take a step out of the TV spotlight. Luckily, Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, are still totally open to publicity for their own personal ventures, as they’ve written books and started highly-successful businesses together. And recently, Jeremy added an emotional post to his Instagram about a recent event that occurred on the farm.

Here’s the event that had Jeremy getting emotional and nostalgic, including the throwback photos that LPBW fans absolutely loved seeing.

The Roloffs just took down the beloved treehouse on Roloff Farms

Fans of the show may remember when the four Roloff kids were just children on the farm. And a staple for the kids growing up was the huge treehouse structure on Roloff Farms property. Unfortunately, the treehouse showed its age over the years, and Matt and Jeremy both posted about the demolition of the structure.

As Matt wrote on his Instagram, “A storm blew a big Part of the old oak tree down last year. And the tree just couldn’t be saved. So today the family stood by and watched as I brought the remainder of the house down.” And Matt also mentioned that while he wished his grandchildren, Ember and Jackson, would’ve been able to play in the treehouse, he was glad they at least got to see it come down. “I was emotional and feeling nostalgic while taking it down. But it had to happen. The old oak was failing and becoming dangerous,” Matt added.

Jeremy also posted his thoughts about the structure. “Watching the teardown was as exciting as it was sad. Memories flowed, but so did dreams,” he captioned his post.

Jeremy posted throwback photos of him with his siblings

“Yesterday we said goodbye to one of the icons on Roloff Farms – the treehouse. It’s been a treacherous couple of years for the treehouse with several large limbs falling down, wood rot, and unsafe conditions. So, we finally decided it was time,” Jeremy continued his Instagram post regarding the treehouse. And with his text, he also added plenty of photos. He posted a recent one of him, Zach, and Matt standing in front of the structure before it went down, and he added old throwback photos from his childhood.

“I spent some time flipping through old photo albums from 1995 and found these images of the treehouse after it was built. I found many others too that caused me to stop and contemplate just how amazing growing up here was,” he continued on his post. And his throwback photos showed him and his siblings playing on the house when he was just 5 years old.

Fans have a lot of feelings about what occurred as well

Twins Jeremy Roloff (in blue shirt) and Zachary (in red shirt) playing with friends on the pirate ship
Twins Jeremy Roloff (in blue shirt) and Zachary (in red shirt) playing with friends on the pirate ship | Rex Rystedt/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

It’s clear the Roloffs have a lot of feelings about the demolition of their childhood playground. And fans are showing their love and support for Jeremy, too. As one fan commented on Jeremy’s post, “Legit chills crawled across my skin look at those pictures. What a cool place to grow up!” And another wrote, “Love the old photos! What a cool place to grow up. I’m sure it was full of adventure and imagination!”

Other fans also mentioned how much they wish Jeremy would purchase Roloff Farms from Matt so he can rebuild the structure on his own time. “So buy your Mom’s half and continue the tradition….Raise your own children on this magical property,” a fan said.

Roloff followers have been egging Jeremy on to buy the farm since Matt’s said he may not want to be on the property for much longer, so we’ll have to wait and see what he decides. Either way, we’re hopeful another Roloff structure will be built for all the little kids in the family.

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