‘LPBW’: Jeremy Roloff Just Talked About the Recent ‘Highs and Lows of Emotions’ on His Instagram Story

While fans are anxiously awaiting for the next season of Little People, Big World, we’re getting plenty of updates on how the Roloff family’s doing thanks to Instagram. Matt and Amy Roloff are currently helping Roloff Farms out with their annual pumpkin season, and two of their kids, Jeremy and Zach, appear to be on the farm quite often as well. Despite the joy that pumpkin season brings, there’s still plenty of drama going on for the family, however.

While Zach remains a regular on the show, Jeremy has taken a step back from filming with wife Audrey Roloff. But Jeremy still gives his followers updates on his life. And he took to his Instagram Story to share some of his emotions regarding big recent events.

Amy Roloff’s mother recently passed away

It’s been quite a year for Amy Roloff. Last season, we saw her struggle with her decision to sell her half of Roloff Farms to Matt. And after the season ended, fans couldn’t stop talking about the scathing information she included about Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, in her memoir. Now, Amy’s life is changing in a whole new way, as her partner of three years, Chris Marek, proposed. But with the highs come the lows, too. After Amy wrote on Instagram about her engagement, she also told her followers her mother passed away.

“She died on the 24th. My heart broke, I cried and sadness came upon me,” Amy wrote on this post. “I didn’t know what emotions to feel. Happy one moment sad the next. The woman who raised and taught me so much and loved me along w/ my dad passed away.”

Jeremy Roloff recorded his journey back to Michigan for the funeral

Jeremy Roloff's Instagram Story about flying to Michigan
Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram Story about flying to Michigan | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram Story

Amy also noted on her Instagram that she wouldn’t be on Roloff Farms as much this year for pumpkin season — and part of the reason for that is because of her mom’s passing. “Today I’m heading to Michigan for my Mom’s memorial on Thursday and to say goodbye to her And grateful to be with my Dad for a little bit afterwards,” Amy wrote on this Instagram post. “I’m torn with my emotions. I miss her so much and at the same time happy she’s not in pain anymore and with the Lord.”

Jeremy Roloff is also heading out to Michigan for his grandmother’s funeral, as he noted as much on his Instagram Story. And he also had quite a long layover in Chicago, so he asked his followers if he should sleep in the airport or find a hotel. He ultimately decided to grab a cab and head to a hotel — and in the cab, he went on to talk about his feelings to his Story.

He noted ‘highs and lows of emotions’

Jeremy Roloff celebrate his new book, 'A Love Letter Life'
Jeremy Roloff celebrate his new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

While being driven to his hotel, Jeremy discussed his emotions regarding his grandmother’s passing with his followers. “It’s gonna be an early morning. Tomorrow’s my grandmother’s funeral, which is a bummer. So that’s why I’m passing through Chicago,” Jeremy started. He then went on to talk about how amazing the last few days were, as he and Audrey finished up a trip with fellow entrepreneurs in California. “It’s kind of been the highs and lows of emotions I guess you could say, the last couple days.”

Amy has also talked about how she’s been experiencing some extreme highs and lows lately. “It’s a kind of mixed emotions for my heart kind of day. I’m sad and yet I know I’m blessed in many ways and I’m so thankful for life and moments. Remember to be kind and let others know you love them every day,” Amy wrote.

We’re sending love to Amy, Jeremy, and everyone else in the Roloff family during these emotional times!

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