‘LPBW’: Jeremy Roloff Posted an Instagram Story Jacob Roloff Would Hate

Those who’ve followed the Roloff family from Little People, Big World know all about Jacob Roloff. Jacob left the show years ago and publicly condemned production for making his family into “caricatures.” Now, many suspect he has an ongoing feud with his older brother, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey.

It looks like Jeremy just posted something to his Instagram Story that would surely get Jacob riled up as well. Here’s what we noticed.

Jacob Roloff stated he’s embarrassed of his family members who support Donald Trump

Jacob leans left politically — and it doesn’t seem to align with all of his family member’s beliefs. Now that the Black Lives Matter movement has picked up significant steam, Jacob uses his Instagram and Twitter to share information about the movement, protests, and what those supportive of the movement can to do help others learn. But he admitted on Twitter that certain members of his family don’t have the same views.

“I, too, am embarrassed to be related to Trump voters,” Jacob tweeted on June 1. Jacob didn’t elaborate further — but fans could certainly speculate that he was talking about a few of his siblings or his parents.

It seems Amy Roloff’s views align with Jacob’s, though. After Amy posted in support of Black Lives Matter, Jacob commented, “Thank you mom!!!! sincere and honest words.”

Jeremy Roloff posted an Instagram Story about ‘social justice warriors’

Jeremy Roloff via Instagram Story
Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram Story about social justice | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram Story

Jeremy participated in Blackout Tuesday on social media, but he hasn’t shared any information to help with the Black Lives Matter movements or protests. For the most part, Jeremy and Audrey don’t get too political. But considering their ultra-Christian values and anti-same-sex marriage sentiments they’ve shared in the past, it’s safe to say there’s some tension between their views and what Jacob believes.

On July 28, Jeremy shared a video to his Instagram Story that makes fun of the current push for social justice. The Story includes a video from comedian John Crist. “We got rid of Aunt Jemima, we got rid of Uncle Ben’s, but I am wildly triggered by the brands and the photos that I see in this grocery store,” Crist starts. He then shows Klondike Ice Cream bars to the camera and playfully complains about the company’s usage of a polar bear for their logo.

“I really hope more people are seeing how clinically absurd this SJW virtue signaling is getting,” Jeremy captioned the Story.

There’s additional evidence to suggest Jeremy and Jacob are feuding

Jeremy Roloff celebrates his new book, 'A Love Letter Life'
Jeremy Roloff celebrates his new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

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Jacob hasn’t spoken out on Jeremy’s Instagram Story — and we can’t imagine he will. But we’re sure the younger Roloff will see his older brother making light of the current strife in the U.S. And we can’t imagine that will go over well.

There’s additional evidence to suggest Jeremy and Audrey don’t get along with Jacob as well. Audrey shared a Black Lives Matter-inspired video to her Instagram — but Jacob condemned the video. He shared the post to his own Instagram Story and noted, “Things like this are very, very bad.” He then explained that the video was created by “white people with moneyed cameras and moneyed families using black music, black message, black faces to spread police propaganda.”

After that, Audrey posted that she was “weathering a shame storm.” And there’s no doubt she was referring to Jacob.

We’re not sure if Jeremy and Audrey will ever be on the best terms with Jacob. But we’re hopeful they can come to some understanding in the future.

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