‘LPBW’: Jeremy Roloff’s Wife, Audrey, Seems to Be Closer With Jacob Roloff Than Ever Before

When Little People, Big World first started, Matt and Amy Roloff featured all four of their young kids on the show. But after nearly 15 years on TV, a lot has changed. Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, still make regular appearances, but Jacob, Jeremy, and Molly do not. And if there’s one Roloff family member who’s made the biggest splash over the years when it comes to leaving the show, it’s Jacob.

Largely known as the black sheep of the family, Jacob has stated he never wants to be a part of the show in any capacity ever again. And there have also been rumors that he’s feuded with both his father and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey. According to Audrey’s recent Instagram content, it appears she and Jacob may be getting along better than ever before, however. Here’s what she posted.

Many suspected Jacob and Audrey Roloff don’t get along

Audrey Roloff celebrates her new book ,'A Love Letter Life,'
Audrey Roloff celebrates her new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

While Amy Roloff has occasionally brought up religious matters, it’s Jeremy Roloff and wife Audrey who are truly the most Christian of the family. Jeremy and Audrey have their own online business called Beating 50 Percent which is designed to help couples incorporate Christ into their lives to help them have long-lasting marriages. And in their book, A Love Letter Life, they also discuss how important religion is to their relationship.

As for Jacob, he’s stated he’s agnostic before. And it seems the religious differences between Jacob and Audrey may have created tension between them in the past. Radar Online reports after Jacob and his now-wife, Isabel Rock, got engaged in 2018, Audrey seemed to make a dig at the couple via Instagram with a post talking about how couples who aren’t yet married shouldn’t “dabble in sexual intimacy.”

Not only that, but a few years back, Radar once again reported that Jacob unfollowed Audrey on Instagram.

Audrey has since added Instagram posts featuring Jacob

We’re not totally sure where Audrey and Jacob stand now, but from the looks of social media, it seems they’ve mended fences. Jacob just married Isabel in September, and Audrey wrote a sweet post congratulating the happy couple on their big day. “We loved celebrating Jacob and Isabel this weekend and watching them dance in the rain on their wedding day, so in love, not a care in the world, and full of joy. You both beautifully embody what it means ‘to find and still seek, now that is love,'” Audrey wrote.

Not only that, but she also added a funny video of Jacob spending time with her 2-year-old daughter, Ember. Amy Roloff even commented on the video with the caption, “Oh my gosh. Love this girl. That’s my beautiful smart grand-daughter and with her awesome uncle Jacob and Aunt Isabel.”

She recently featured him in her Instagram Story with her daughter

Audrey Roloff's Instagram Story of Jacob Roloff and Ember
Audrey Roloff’s Instagram Story of Jacob Roloff and Ember | Audrey Roloff via Instagram Story

While Audrey’s occasional posts of Jacob seem to prove there’s no bad blood between the family members, she recently added an Instagram Story that features Jacob, too. The Story shows Jeremy and Audrey’s 2-year-old daughter, Ember, sitting in “Ruby,” which is Jacob and Isabel’s van. “She loves sitting in Ruby,” Audrey captioned the story — and it’s clear Jacob has a close relationship with Ember, too.

Not only did Audrey feature Jacob, but Jacob’s Instagram Story also gives a shoutout to Audrey. He copied one of the photos she took of him, Ember, and Isabel and added it to his Story with a GIF of hearts. Considering Jacob’s Instagram typically only features his adventures in the van, his wife, and occasionally family, its surprising to see him giving Audrey a subtle shoutout.

We’re hoping Audrey and Jacob are getting along quite well now that they’ve had some time for the dust to settle over the years. And since it’s clear Jacob absolutely loves his niece, we’re sure he’ll be involved in Jeremy and Audrey’s second baby’s life, too.

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