‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Aren’t Spending Christmas Day With the Rest of the Roloffs

We’ve been watching Little People, Big World for years, and fans can’t wait for the next season to start in 2020. For now, we’re relying on Instagram to keep up with the Roloffs — and we can tell a ton is happening in Matt and Amy Roloff’s lives, too.

While Amy just bought a new home so she can finally move off of Roloff Farms, Matt still owns the farm and lives there with girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Matt and Chandler are busily prepping for the holidays to make it special for their kids and all the adorable Roloff grandchildren, too. Sadly, the couple won’t be around to celebrate Christmas day with Matt’s family, however. Instead, they decided to have an early Christmas with the Roloffs — and Chandler provided all the details.

Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, has been spending a lot of time with Matt’s family

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Chandler has a checkered past with Amy. While Chandler and Matt have been dating for three years, Amy revealed in her memoir, A Little Me, that she believes Chandler and Matt had a relationship while she and Matt were still married. Amy detailed how she found inappropriate photos and text exchanged between the two, as they knew each other ever since Chandler started working as a manager on Roloff Farms.

Now, the dust has settled (though Amy’s still made it known she’s uncomfortable around Chandler). And Chandler’s getting close with Matt and Amy’s kids.

Chandler posted photos to her Instagram showing her hanging out with Zach and Tori Roloff’s son, Jackson, and their newborn daughter, Lilah. And Chandler also spends plenty of quality time with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s daughter, Ember. Ember and Jackson even have their own name for Chandler: Cha Cha.

Chandler and Matt are going to Arizona for Christmas

The Roloffs typically share their holiday plans with their Instagram followers, and now that Christmas and the New Year are nearly here, we’re getting plenty of intel from Matt, Amy, and Chandler. While Amy will likely be staying in Oregon for the holiday season, it looks like Matt and Chandler are headed elsewhere. Chandler noted on her Instagram that she and Matt are headed for Arizona.

“It’s the most wonderful time… of the year! Since Matt & I will be traveling to AZ, our Christmas came early!” Chandler captioned her post showing her and Matt with Zach, Tori, Jackson, and Lilah.

As for why Chandler and Matt are headed to Arizona, we can’t forget that Matt has another home in the warm state. He and Chandler are frequently traveling to Arizona, and he’s also mentioned that he’d love to give up Roloff Farms completely and live there for good.

Chandler and Matt explained they celebrated Christmas early

Matt and Chandler may be skipping town for Christmas day, but they’re not leaving without a celebration with Matt’s kids and grandkids.

Matt posted photos of the early Christmas event he had with Zach, Tori, Jeremy, Audrey, and all the grandbabies. He captioned the festive photo, “@carynchandler1 is amazing! She figured out how to hold 2 back to back Early Christmas events with the grandkids so everyone got their own individual attention while still celebrating and sharing as a United family.” 

Matt then thanked Zach, Tori, Audrey, and Jeremy for celebrating earlier than expected. He wrote, “thanks for Sharing your precious family’s with grandpa and chacha a little early this season so we can break away from the incoming cold weather and get to AZ where the temps are a bit warmer. We had the two best family Christmas parties ever.”

While Matt and Chandler won’t be in Oregon to watch their grandchildren open up their presents from Santa, it looks like all of the Roloffs had a lovely time for an early holiday celebration. We’re excited to see Amy’s photos from Christmas roll in on Instagram, too!

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