‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Has Been Making Major Changes to Roloff Farms

Little People, Big World is currently filming for Season 15, and a ton has happened with the Roloffs since it all began. Matt and Amy Roloff were once a happily married couple taking care of Roloff Farms together, but their relationship has since fallen apart. Now, the couple’s divorced and figuring out how to proceed with their lives since they both still reside on the farm they raised their four kids on.

Roloff Farms isn’t just a staple on the show, either. It’s a popular tourist destination that gives fans a glimpse into the family’s life. It appears Matt is making major changes to the property, however. Here’s what he’s up to.

Amy Roloff sold her half of Roloff Farms to Matt

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Last season of LPBW proved extremely stressful for Amy Roloff. While her divorce with Matt was well-established, she had to make a big decision regarding her living situation. Despite feeling comfortable in the big farmhouse, as that’s where she’s lived for decades, she decided it was time to move on — and she sold her half of the property to Matt for $667,000.

Currently, Amy is still living on the farm, as she wanted to wait for Jacob Roloff’s wedding to be over before she proceeded with plans to move. But she’s been actively looking for new homes with the help of her realtor boyfriend, Chris Marek. While Amy has now accepted that the move is happening and is looking forward to having her own space away from Matt, it took awhile to get where she is now. And she keeps giving her followers on social media updates regarding her home situation, so we’re sure when she finds the perfect place, she’ll let her fans know.

Matt just had a massive auction on the farm property

While Matt is now the owner of all of Roloff Farms, it seems he has mixed feelings about the property. There’s no doubt he enjoys having the land for his family to enjoy, but he’s also stated that it’s a ton of work to maintain. As he commented on one of his Instagram posts, “I would love Amy to buy her side of the farm and let me move to AZ full time. She’s scared to death of the work and attention it would take [sic].”

We’re still not completely sure what Matt plans to do with the property, but he’s certainly making some changes. He posted this photo of the farm with the caption, “Everything is getting set out for the big farm auction this Saturday at @rolofffarms.. cleaning out all the barns the past several months. … So much more for sale. Tons of random things for sale. Oh. And wear your favorite shirt. You might be on tv one day bidding on my favorite old coffee table.”

Not only that, but Matt and a few other family members also recently posted about taking the infamous treehouse down. Fans may remember the treehouse when it was featured on the show back in the day, but since it’s fallen into disrepair, Matt decided to tear it down.

Is he getting ready to sell the farm?

So, with all the changes to the farm, is it a sign Matt is getting ready to sell the property? We’re not completely sure — but Jeremy Roloff has also recently discussed taking over the farm. Jeremy posted some photos to Instagram while he was visiting another farm, and a fan asked him, “Is the family farm not an option? I always assumed you and Zach would take over from your parents.” To that, Jeremy wrote back, “it totally is an option!”

Keeping Roloff Farms within the family would be a fan dream come true, so we’re all hoping Jeremy and Audrey hold on to the property if Matt chooses to retire. We’ll have to wait for next season to see what occurs!

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