‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff’s Mother Just Showed She Approves of His Girlfriend, Caryn Chandler

We’ve been watching Matt and Amy Roloff navigate life, parenthood, and their family business on Roloff Farms ever since Little People, Big World first began. But a lot has changed over time, as Matt and Amy have been divorced for years. Nowadays, both of the Roloffs are in serious relationships of their own. Amy’s partner, Chris Marek, recently proposed to her — and Matt’s girlfriend of three years, Caryn Chandler, seems quite comfortable around his kids and grandkids, too.

Caryn Chandler has caused quite a stir over the years, as Amy’s noted she feels uncomfortable around her. But it seems Matt’s parents like Chandler as evidenced by what his mother just posted to Instagram.

Caryn Chandler’s a controversial figure in the Roloff family

Judging from what we’ve seen on both the show and social media, Caryn Chandler is happy to be in the Roloff family’s lives. But there’s a lot of well-known animosity between her and Amy Roloff. Before Chandler was dating Matt, she was the manager of Roloff Farms for a decade during pumpkin season. Now, she’s no longer associated with the family business — but Amy has expressed both verbally and in writing regarding how uncomfortable Chandler makes her.

On the show, Amy noted that having Chandler around during family events was “unhealthy” for her when the divorce was still fresh. “Matt’s worked with her for many many years. So that will always hurt to some degree. But it is something that I will have to be an adult about — doesn’t mean I have to accept it,” Amy noted. And in Amy’s recent memoir, A Little Me, she also noted that Matt was exchanging inappropriate texts and photos with the farm manager while he was still married.

Chandler seems to be getting close to Matt Roloff’s kids and grandkids

Amy may be wary of Chandler, but that hasn’t stopped Chandler from developing relationships with Matt and Amy’s kids. Zach Roloff is the only child of Matt and Amy’s who’s still deeply involved with LPBW, and his wife, Tori, posts a lot about their lives on Instagram. Recently, Chandler has taken to Tori’s Instagram to share just how much she loves their son, Jackson, and how excited she is for Tori to give birth again this November.

“You & Zachary make the cutest babies !! … Can’t wait to meet her , see Baby J as a new big brother and watch your beautiful family grow – #isitnovemberyet,” Chandler commented on this Instagram post.

Chandler has also become quite close with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s daughter, Ember. The step-grandma has even posted her own photos to Instagram showing how much she loves the Roloff children, and Matt also posts photos of videos of Chandler developing a relationship with them.

Matt’s mother noted on Instagram how much she likes Chandler

We don’t hear or see much from Matt’s parents, though he did recently post a photo with his mother and father. “My amazing folks, Ron and Peggy AKA Papa and Huny here in Oregon visiting,” Matt captioned the post. And to that, Chandler commented, “Luv them !! It was a wonderful visit and special time spent with them at Jacobs wedding & Embers birthday !”

It seems the feeling is mutual, too. Chandler recently posted a photo of Matt for his birthday celebration with the caption, “My guy is having a birthday today – he wanted something low key so I’m cookin up a Tri Tip dinner.  Happiest Birthday to you Matthew James.” And to that, Peggy, Matt’s mother, commented, “Yes, you take such good care of my boy. I was there when he entered this world and the world hasn’t been the same!!!” Chandler then commented back, “luv u Huny,” which is Peggy’s nickname.

Ron and Peggy live in California, Good Housekeeping notes, so we imagine they don’t see Matt and his girlfriend as often as they’d like. But it’s nice that Chandler is fitting right in with Matt’s side of the family. Could this be a sign that wedding bells will ring in the future for these two? Many are hoping so!

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