‘LPBW’: None of Amy Roloff’s Kids Have Commented on Her Engagement to Chris Marek

Fans are already getting hints that a new season of Little People, Big World is filming, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come for Matt and Amy Roloff. The last season of the show had Amy selling her half of Roloff Farms to Matt in the wake of their divorce. And while she still seemed upset over her decision and the separation, the star of the show just announced fantastic news: She’s engaged!

Amy has been dating her now-fiance, Chris Marek, for three years. And while fans weren’t sure if she’d ever get married again, she’s ecstatic to announce she’ll be planning a wedding. Oddly enough, it seems none of her famous kids have commented on the event, however. Here’s what we noticed.

Amy Roloff is over the moon with excitement regarding her engagement

LPBW viewers may remember when Amy Roloff first started going out with Chris Marek. Three years ago, the two began their relationship after meeting at a singles mixer — and they’ve been riding motorcycles and traveling the country together ever since. While we weren’t sure if Amy would ever tie the knot again after Matt, she just posted her engagement news to Instagram, and she seems overjoyed with the event.

“I was so surprised when Chris asked me to marry him. I said YES,” she captioned this post of her showing off her ring. “I couldn’t be happier and so looking forward to this new part of our life journey together. I’m blessed.”

Amy just posted another photo of her and Chris regarding how shocked she was that she was proposed to. “I never had a clue or expected it. Chris and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary of dating last Wednesday. And to my wonderful happy surprise he proposed and asked me to marry him!” she captioned her post.

Matt Roloff extended his congratulations via Instagram

During the last season of the show, we saw Matt and Amy totally at odds with what to do with Roloff Farms. And while Amy managed to keep her cool, there was obvious tension between the exes. After the season finished, Amy also published her memoir, A Little Me, detailing scathing accusations that Matt was cheating during their marriage with his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Despite their differences, Matt just proved he wants the best for Amy no matter what. He posted a photo of himself and a friend to Instagram and explained he just told the friend about Amy’s exciting news. “My buddy Ty and I got together for our regular Saturday morning breakfast today… He doesn’t do social media …so I filled him in on Amys exciting engagement news.. Congratulations to Amy and Chris!!” Matt captioned the post.

None of Amy’s kids have commented on her posts or created posts of their own about the news

Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey, and Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, frequently post their lives to social media. And Jacob Roloff, who recently wed Isabel Rock, is also active on Instagram. Considering how close the kids appear to be with Amy, it’s odd that none of them have made posts about the engagement or commented on the news.

On Amy’s most recent post about her engagement, Jacob’s wife did add her own comment. “You deserve all the happiness,” Rock wrote. And on Amy’s first post about her engagement, Tori commented, “Love you mama roloff!!” But Jeremy, Zach, and Jacob — as well as Molly, who rarely seems to be on social media — have yet to comment.

Amy Roloff has admitted in the past that her kids were wary of Marek at first — though they seem to have come around since then. “So, to my kids, it’s like, ‘Wait a minute — what is mom doing? Who is this person?’ And just helping them to appreciate that life does go on and, you know, he is a person you don’t know but I’m so appreciative of the respect and everything that they have given him,” Amy mentioned during an interview with Us Weekly.

Perhaps as we get more info about the wedding, we’ll see the Roloff kids showing their support on Instagram. Until then, we’ll hope they’re showing their love off the internet.

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