‘LPBW’ Star Caryn Chandler Told ‘OutDaughtered’ Stars Adam and Danielle Busby to Stop by Roloff Farms

There are plenty of interesting shows on TLC showcasing unique family dynamics, and Little People, Big World is one of them. Matt and Amy Roloff, as well as their four kids, have been featured on the show for over a decade now, and we still can’t get enough. While a lot has changed over the years between the couple (who are now exes), fans are still looking forward to hearing about what’s next for both Matt and Amy as their lives continue on.

There’s another unique family picking up steam on the network, too — and that’s the Busbys. Adam and Danielle Busby are famous for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And it looks like there’s some crossover between the two families, as Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, recently reached out to the Busbys to extend an invitation to the beloved Roloff Farms property.

It’s pumpkin season at Roloff Farms

As stated before, Matt and Amy Roloff’s lives have changed dramatically since the show first aired, as they’ve since gone through a complicated divorce. While they both still reside on the Roloff Farms property, Amy sold her half to Matt and is now finding a new place to call home. But aside from personal drama with the farm, there are bigger matters at hand. It’s pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, which is the perfect time for friends, family, and LPBW viewers to come visit and take part in the festivities.

All of the Roloffs have posted about pumpkin season, including Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Chandler used to work on the farm but quit once she started dating Matt. While she no longer officially is employed by the Roloffs, it’s clear she’s still helping out, as she showed her and Matt doing work on the farm for the season via her Instagram Story.

The Busbys and the Roloffs appear to be quite friendly

It’s no surprise that all of the major players on TLC have most likely met each other at network events — and we’ve even seen clues on Instagram that indicate the Busbys and the Roloffs get along very well. Back in May, Adam and Danielle Busby were in Maui on vacation — and they bumped into Jeremy, Matt, and Chandler while there. “When two show families collide… it’s been so great to hang out this week. (wish we would have thought to take this photo before Audrey took Ember up for a nap…),” Adam captioned his post.

Not only that, but there’s been some Instagram interaction between Danielle and Audrey, Jeremy’s wife, too. Audrey posted about visiting Nashville back in September 2018, and since the Busbys live in Texas, Danielle commented. “Love Nashville!!! If y’all head to Houston at all…y’all better shout out to us!!!” Danielle wrote. To that, Audrey commented back, “[W]e totes will.”

Caryn Chandler just told Adam and Danielle Busby to stop by the farm

We’ve spotted more interaction between the Roloffs and the Busbys once again — but this time, it was Chandler who reached out. Adam posted a photo of a few of his daughters with the caption, “Gonna miss these girls. Getting ready to head to LA for a couple weeks for some business and the @vidsummit.” To that, Chandler commented, “You guys should swing thru Portland on ur way home and visit us at the Farm !?!?!”

While Adam didn’t respond back, it seems fans noticed and would adore if the Busbys and the Roloffs were featured in an episode of either show together. “Oh man! This would be a great crossover show!! Watching the quints at the farm and playing with the Ember and Jackson would be so much fun!” a fan commented. Another responded to Chandler with, “You’re so sweet! That would make for an awesome show on both ends!!”

Even if the Busbys don’t make it out to Roloff Farms soon, we’re hopeful there will be some crossover in the future!

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