‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Confesses She Feels ‘Mom Guilt,’ Worries Daughter Lilah Isn’t Getting the Socialization She Needs

Tori Roloff is worried about her daughter Lilah. In an Instagram post, the Little People, Big World star says she’s feeling some serious “mom guilt” right now. She’s concerned her 7-month-old daughter is not getting the socialization she needs because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine. 

Tori Roloff worries she isn’t ‘doing enough’ 

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Tori, who has two kids with Zach Roloff, has opened up before on social media about the challenges she’s faced as a parent. She’s talked about her struggle to love her post-baby body and shared her feelings on learning that her daughter Lilah Ray had dwarfism. Now, she’s getting candid about what it’s like to parent Lilah and 3-year-old son Jackson during a pandemic. 

“I think all moms struggle with mom guilt. Are we doing enough? Are we being enough? Are we giving enough? It’s real,” she wrote, adding that she wanted “the best” for her children. 

The ‘Little People, Big World’ star is concerned about her daughter’s ‘socialization’

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff and their kids
Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff with their two kids | toriroloff via Instagram

In her post, Tori called Lilah her “homegirl.” The little one is “obsessed” with her mom, the 28-year-old shared. But even though she loves being close to her baby, Tori said that she was worried her child might be getting too attached. 

“[B]eing quarantined has kept her from having the socialization that I think is so important at her age,” she wrote. “The second I pass her off to someone else that sweet smile quickly turns to tears and panic. It’s hard to watch as a mom because I get to see this sweet side of her that I feel others are missing out on.”

Tori went on to say she has to remind herself that she is doing the best she can in a difficult time. “Lilah will be socialized later and that’s okay,” she wrote.

Amy and Matt Roloff reassure Tori that she’s doing great 

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Commenters on Tori’s post were quick to reassure the worried mom that she was doing fine. Several pointed out that their own babies went through a phase where they only wanted to be around their mom, but that it eventually passed. Others said social distancing guidelines mean they were also struggling to get their children comfortable around extended family. 

Lilah’s grandparents, Matt and Amy Roloff, also chimed in to say Tori had nothing to worry about. Amy commented that Tori was “a wonderful, good mom.” And Matt was quick to point out that his granddaughter might be doing better than her mom realized. 

“We get [Lilah’s] smiles and adorable personality all the time!!” he wrote. “I love it when Jackson brings her his most favorites and colorful toys. She always smiles for her big brother and reaches for what he brings her. Never fails to make grandpa so happy.” 

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