‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Says She Feels ‘So Guilty’ About This Aspect of Her Son’s Life

The past season of Little People, Big World proved to be the most dramatic and eventful yet. Matt and Amy Roloff struggled to decide what to do with Roloff Farms until the dramatic conclusion. And it’s hard to believe that filming for Season 15 is already taking place. Aside from Matt and Amy’s drama, though, there’s another couple fans absolutely adore — and that’s Zach and Tori Roloff. Zach is the only child of Matt and Amy’s who also has dwarfism, and his relationship with his wife, Tori, is a highlight of the series.

While we love watching Zach and Tori on-screen, Tori also gets extremely candid on her Instagram. And she recently shared some thoughts about feeling guilty over certain aspects of her relationship with her 2-year-old, Jackson. Here’s what she wrote.

Tori Roloff is soon expecting her second child

LPBW fans can’t get enough of Jackson Roloff. At just 2 years old, he’s certainly one of the highlights of the series, and we also love hearing about Zach and Tori raising him, as he has the same type of dwarfism as Zach. He’s soon to not be the only child in the house, however. Back in May, Tori announced via this Instagram post that she’s expecting a baby girl this November. And since then, she’s given her followers updates regarding how her current pregnancy is way different than her first.

During an Instagram Q&A, she noted it took her eight months before getting pregnant a second time. And when a fan asked if this time was easier or harder, she mentioned, “A lot harder. But still easy. If that makes sense. I had no symptoms with j other than egg aversions. I’ve got all the symptoms this time.”

She just posted about the guilt she feels with her son, Jackson

With Tori being due in November, that leaves just a few short months left with just her and Jackson before the baby arrives. And she mentioned her changing family dynamic in a new Instagram post. As she wrote, “I’ve been trying really hard to cherish these last few months alone with this kid. I sometimes feel so guilty about flipping his world upside down with a baby but I know he’s going to love her and be the best big brother ever.”

Tori then added that while she feels “sad” that her one-on-one days with Jackson are numbered, she’s even more excited to see her family grow and to have this new addition. “He already shows his sister so much kindness by kissing my belly and constantly wanting to hang in her room. It gets me all emotional when I look at this photo and I can hardly see my baby boy any more- instead a confident kid has taken his place,” she continued.

Fans are showing their support

Fans adore Tori for how upfront and real she is with her followers. And while she may have some anxieties bringing another child into her world, it’s clear her followers are there for her 100%. As one supportive follower mentioned about Jackson, “You will love him even more when you see him guide and love his sibling. It’s precious. I promise.” And another wrote, “Jackson is not to be misplaced.. but given a new position. Always enough love and kisses.”

We know the rest of the Roloffs are equally as excited as the fans for the addition of another child, too. Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, also commented nice thoughts on the photo of Jackson, and Jacob Roloff’s new wife, Isabel Rock, wrote, “He’s perfect.” With Audrey Roloff also currently pregnant with her second child, Tori has another woman in the family who’s likely to understand her emotions as well.

November’s coming up fast, and we’re excited to hear more about the baby Roloffs as the due date draws near!

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