‘LPBW’: Why Jacob Roloff Had an Engagement Ring in His Pocket for 5 Days Before Proposing to Isabel Rock

Little People, Big World has been on TV for over a decade, and a lot has changed since it first began. We remember when Matt and Amy Roloff were still married and all four of their children were also on the show. As time went on, Matt and Amy’s relationship changed, however. The two have since divorced, and the only one of their kids who’s consistently on the show is Zach.

While Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob are no longer regulars on the program, Jacob made the biggest splash upon leaving. And now that he’s getting married, fans are interested in his fiancee and personal life. According to Isabel Rock, his wife-to-be, he held on to the engagement ring for nearly a week before proposing. Here’s what she said about it.

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock are having their wedding in September

We may not hear much about Jacob Roloff on LPBW, but thanks to Instagram, we know he’s getting married in a little over a month to Isabel Rock. As Rock posted on her Instagram last September, “Focusing on the present moment and recognizing that being engaged only exists for a short time, and soon enough—ONE YEAR FROM TODAY—we will finally be married and it will be the best day of our lives.” And the rest of the Roloffs are also preparing for the couple’s big day.

Matt Roloff, who’s rumored to have been feuding with Jacob since his divorce from Amy, also posted a sweet photo of Jacob in his suit for the big day. And Amy posted her own photo from Rock’s bachelorette party that she attended. It seems everyone’s ultra excited to take part in the youngest Roloff’s big day.

Amy Roloff hopes they’ll have it on Roloff Farms

Aside from the engagement, Jacob and his fiancee have kept mum on the details of the wedding. But Amy Roloff made it known that she’s hoping Jacob will follow suit like the rest of the kids and marry on the family farm. She told Facebook Live recently that part of the reason she’s waiting to move off of the farm property herself is so that Jacob can his wedding there with her still around.

“All of the three kids got married on the farm,” Amy mentioned. “And I said, oh, for me to make sure that this happens, November 1 — they’re getting married this September. … These are certain things that I wanted to make sure in my decision making because this is at least what I could do for Jacob.”

While Jacob and his fiancee may tie the knot on Roloff Farms property, the event won’t be televised for the public. The couple has stated before that they want their moment to be more private.

Isabel Rock explained why Jacob waited 5 days to propose to her

Jacob hasn’t shared too many details about how he and Rock met or the story of their engagement, but Rock did share her story with The Knot. And the story of how Jacob proposed is certainly one for the books. The couple went to Iceland for their three-year anniversary right around Christmas, which was a dream come true for Rock. “We rented a car, adventured to multiple, breathtaking waterfalls, met many Icelandic horses, and soaked in geothermal spas. Our eyes were wide the entire time, and we were left absolutely speechless,” she wrote.

On Christmas Day, Rock told The Knot she felt like he was going to propose — and her gut reaction proved to be correct. While they exchanged Christmas gifts in the middle of a pond in Iceland, Jacob got down on one knee and proposed. “He told me that he had been wanting to do it the entire trip, but he was simply waiting for the right moment to do it,” Rock wrote. “Jacob had apparently had the ring in his coat pocket for five days as we traveled around Iceland!”

The two seem happily in love and more excited than ever to spend their lives together. We’re hoping their wedding day is everything they hope for!

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