‘LPBW’: Zach and Jeremy Roloff’s Kids Have the Same Nickname for Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend, Caryn Chandler

From scandals to divorce to heartbreak, the Roloff family has been through a lot over the years on Little People, Big World. Last season, viewers know there was a ton of drama with Matt and Amy Roloff as they tried to figure out what to do with Roloff Farms post-divorce. But even while there’s been a lot of growing pains for the family, there’s also a ton of good going on. Both Zach and his wife, Tori, and Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, are preparing for their second children.

Zach and Tori’s son, Jackson, absolutely adores Roloff Farms and spending time with Matt. And it seems Ember, Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter, also loves the property. Not only that, but the kids have taken a liking to Matt’s long-term girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Here’s what they’ve both been calling her in the videos posted by the families.

Caryn Chandler adores her step-grandchildren

It’s well-known that Amy and Caryn Chandler have an incredibly strained relationship. In Amy’s recent memoir, A Little Me, she wrote that Matt was seeing the Roloff Farms manager behind her back during their marriage — and that manager is assumed to be Chandler. Even so, Chandler and Matt have been going strong for about three years, and she’s very involved in his grandchildren’s lives.

Matt frequently posts photos of Chandler with the grandchildren on his Instagram. “Once again totally 110% engaged in her babysitting duties,” Matt captioned this post of Chandler sitting with Ember and Jackson. And Matt’s followers seem to adore Chandler taking care of the children, too. “Matt, you are SO blessed to have Caryn in your life! A pretty special person!” one of Matt’s fans commented on the photo.

Audrey Roloff posted a video of her daughter’s nickname for Chandler

Ember Roloff
Ember Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram Story

Jeremy and Audrey live in Oregon near Matt and Amy, so they get to visit the family and the farm quite often. Most recently, they were just on the farm to watch the iconic Roloff Farms treehouse get taken down. As Jeremy wrote on his Instagram, “Yesterday we said goodbye to one of the icons on Roloff Farms – the treehouse. It’s been a treacherous couple of years for the treehouse with several large limbs falling down, wood rot, and unsafe conditions. So, we finally decided it was time.”

It appeared the whole Roloff family was in attendance, too — and that included Chandler and the grandchildren. Audrey posted videos to her Instagram Stories of Ember running over excitedly to Jackson and swinging on the new play structure. And she also posted another video of Ember talking about “Cha Cha,” who we now know is Chandler.

Jackson Roloff calls Chandler the same name

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Wait for it… Jackson’s happy dance..

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It’s not just Ember who’s calling Chandler “Cha Cha,” either. In this video of Jackson playing on the farm with Chandler, Chandler’s seen helping the 2-year-old go down the new slide that Matt got for him. “Should Cha Cha go down the slide?” Chandler can be heard asking Jackson in the background. “No, Cha Cha doesn’t go down the slide!” she repeats.

Fans adore this video of Chandler and Jackson, too, as they believe she’s truly an excellent step-grandmother to both Jackson and Ember. And it’s clear the kids love her as well. Now that two more babies are soon to be entering the Roloff family, Chandler has also expressed just how excited she is for that day to come, too. In Matt’s video of Audrey and Jeremy’s gender reveal party, Chandler is seen jumping for joy that they’re having a baby boy — and fans noticed. “I adore caryn!! Listening to her be so excited is truly the best!!! Congrats again,” a follower commented.

Will the future Roloff grandkids call Chandler “Cha Cha” as well? It seems likely!

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