Luann de Lesseps From ‘RHONY’ Hints About Friendship Status With Dorinda Medley

The ice appears to be thawing on Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley’s friendship on The Real Housewives of New York City. The former besties seemed to be really trying to get passed last year’s fallout but the water isn’t quite warm enough yet.

Medley and de Lesseps are seen trying to patch up their rocky relationship several times on the show. First, they had an awkward encounter at Sonja Morgan’s Paper Magazine party. Then Bethenny Frankel brokers a luncheon where de Lesseps hopes for an apology. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t get one.

Luann de Lesseps | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The ladies don’t seem to be at each other’s throats anymore but their interactions are not exactly warm and fuzzy.

de Lesseps already has some regrets about this season

The season began with Medley being iced out of a rip roaring clambake at friend Barbara Kavovit’s home. Months later, de Lesseps says she regrets taking a stand against her friend.

“In retrospect, I think it would’ve been a good idea to have Dorinda come,” de Lesseps told AOL. “I kind of feel bad about that. She is sincere, and I know that she does miss me. I felt the same way, but I was just still hurt. In retrospect, I wish I had more of an open mind to it.”

However, at the time, de Lesseps wasn’t thrilled to see Medley or Ramona Singer, who attended the clambake either. She was rather short with Singer and de Lesseps appeared to be happy to see Singer leave.

And Medley was still stewing over de Lesseps too

Even though both women acted like they wanted to bury the hatchet, Medley was filmed jabbing at de Lesseps with friends. Toward the end of the episode, Medley invited Kavovit to evaluate her home. Medley expressed a desire to move and Kavovit is in the construction business.

Unfortunately, the conversation turned from construction to reconstruction of Medley and de Lesseps’ friendship. Kavovit gently mentioned that de Lesseps wanted an apology and that seemed to trigger Medley.

When Kavovit brings up an instance where Medley was gossiping about de Lesseps’ lawsuit with her children, Medley flatly denies doing it. Flash over to a scene where Medley shares the filing on her phone with Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer. In the end, Medley pins the gossiping on Morgan. And then boots Kavovit from her home.

Where are they today?

Even though Medley still seemed angry with de Lesseps she obviously misses their friendship. Before she gave Kavovit the “heave ho” from her house, she burst into tears. “I was there when no one else was around,” she said through her tears. “I had her in a special ring. She has my prayer cards. I prayed for her, I took her to church. I was there to the point of humiliation. There’s just so much I can take. This has gotta end because I will not get sick over this. I won’t.”

Both ladies are dipping their toe back into the friendship pond. They appear to be filming together in upcoming previews. Plus de Lesseps hinted on Twitter about where things stand today. “Friendships are always evolving too. There is hope.”

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