Luann de Lesseps from ‘RHONY’ Shares Video of Ramona Singer Gushing About Her Cabaret Show

After the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City said they were “cabaret’ ed” out, Luann de Lesseps shared a video of one cast member who can’t seem to get enough of her show.

During season 11, Ramona Singer tells de Lesseps the cast wasn’t interested in seeing her show any longer. Adding insult to injury, Singer then throws a party at the same time as de Lesseps’ Christmas show. Singer also hurled damaging accusations at de Lesseps during the reunion. She alleged that de Lesseps violated her probation by continuing to drink.

Luann de Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps| Trisha Leeper/Getty Images

Not only did de Lesseps respond to Singer’s accusations that she is drinking, but she also posted a video on Instagram proving that Singer is actually a huge Countess & Friends cabaret fan.

Her comments raised eyebrows

During the season 11 reunion, Singer accused de Lesseps of continuing to drink. As part of her probation, de Lesseps is not allowed to drink. She must also meet certain criteria or risk going to prison.

So when Singer dropped a bomb saying de Lesseps was still drinking, it stung. “A lot of what Ramona says in the reunion does get me in trouble, ’cause people see it and they listen to it,” de Lesseps said to ET. “It doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help me get through this difficult situation, so I really didn’t appreciate some of the comments Ramona makes in the second reunion episode.”

She also said the entire reunion was somewhat of a pile-on, especially from Singer. “She doesn’t get any better at it in the third reunion episode and you are going to see that,” de Lesseps said. “It just looks really hateful and not supportive as a woman. For a woman who claims to support women, she is not very supportive.”

‘Money can’t buy you class’

Singer and de Lesseps seemed to come together toward the end of the reunion. But the notion that the ladies were anti-cabaret still hung in the air. Singer was especially direct with her previous comments, which is why de Lesseps probably felt vindicated in a video she recently shared on Instagram.

The video shot backstage, shows Singer, de Lesseps and RHONY alum Jill Zarin. The women appear to be meeting de Lesseps either before or after one of her cabaret shows. Needless to say, Singer seems nothing short of delighted. In the caption along with the video, de Lesseps wrote, “well look who loves my show 😂.”

Indeed, it certainly appears Singer and Zarin love her show. Singer gazes into de Lesseps eyes.”Your show is not good, it’s phenomenal,” she says. Meanwhile, de Lesseps nods while grinning. Singer continues to gush. She says the show is so entertaining and that de Lesseps has the entire show “down pat.”

Zarin nods and agrees. “You have no idea how much your fans love you, ” she tells de Lesseps. “You are actually a comedian!” Singer enthusiastically agrees as de Lesseps shares she has a new song, “Feelin’ Jovani.”