‘Lucifer’: Canceled? Fans Go Crazy Over Possibility of More Seasons

Since last summer, we’ve been keeping up with the status of Netflix’s Lucifer. If you count yourself as a Lucifan before and after Netflix pounced on it, then you’re aware of where the story sits heading into season five.

For those who aren’t aware, 2020 will see the series wrap up storylines and give its final farewell. But a new rumor says that the infernal flames of Lucifer may keep blazing beyond this “last” installment, and these flames are being legitimately fanned.  

Tom Ellis, Laura German in 'Lucifer'
Tom Ellis, Laura German in ‘Lucifer’ | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

The latest buzz says ‘Lucifer’ could go on

A report from TVLine has gone viral in the Lucifan community due to it saying Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. TV to create more – specifically a sixth season – of the much-loved series. Could it be true?

The news is spreading like wildfire that the studio is trying to iron something out with the streamer to make audience dreams come to fruition.

Deadline later confirmed the rumor and reports that showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson are down for a renewal, but negotiations would need to ramp up for them and the series’ cast to return.

The outlet reports that if all goes well, production may start in September 2020. Given that Lucifer was 2019’s most-streamed show worldwide, it’d be a good decision to green-light it.

What are diehard ‘Lucifer’ lovers saying about the rumor?

FOX dropped Lucifer after season three and Netflix picked it up for a season four reboot after a fan campaign. When it was announced that the fifth season would be the series’ last, many Lucifans went through something close to the five stages of grief, and again launched a petition to rescue the show from cancellation.

It seemingly didn’t work, and viewers accepted the 16-episode final bow and were prepped for its debut. Therefore, news of a possible continuation has sent fans over the moon.

On Reddit, the Lucifer crew is ready to see more of Tom Ellis in an infinite number of seasons, and more are calling for spinoffs starring any of their favorites including Maze, Trixie, or even Constantine.

However, there is also concern that season five is set and will seal up all the storylines, making it difficult to weave in a plot for season six.

So many changes are afoot for ‘Lucifer’ season five

Season five promises to introduce new characters like Lucifer’s daddy, G-O-D himself as well as bring back oldies like Eve.

Previously, we reported that there will be other new characters joining the fray and the show will also address the lingering love story between Lucifer and Chloe. Deckerstar is a go!

In case you missed it, that final season will be divided into two parts, airing batches of eight episodes apiece during separate times this year. To kick things off, both Chloe and Maze will be trying to overcome their broken hearts and Lucifer settles back into throne life.

An official premiere date for season five hasn’t been announced yet, but with the news that at least one additional season is a possibility, fans have much to anticipate.