What ‘Lucifer’ Fans Want to See In Season 5

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what they do with the final season of Lucifer. Netflix extended the show’s episode count from 10 to 16, and showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson promise that the last season will be “wild.”

Fan love brought the show back from the brink of TV death, prompting Netflix to snatch up the series and revive it with a season four, and it’s that same love that’s fueling discussions on what everyone wants to see in the finale. After that cliffhanger which saw Luci performing the necessary evil of returning to his throne in Hell, fans are wondering how things will pan out for the angel and the framily he’s built on Earth. But here are a few things that viewers hope will happen in season five.

Lauren German and Tom Ellis in Lucifer.
Lauren German as Chloe Decker and Tom Ellis as Lucifer in ‘Lucifer’ | FOX via Getty Images

True romance between Chloe and Lucifer

They finally declared their love for one another, but the moment was short-lived since Lucifer had to restore order in Hell by relocating back there. For now, it seems like the only way he can prevent demons from overrunning Earth. But how will this separation affect the relationship between him and “Detective Decker?” Will Tom Ellis ever use that accent to finally start calling her Chloe? How about Mrs. Morningstar?  

After all the inner work he did to forgive himself and find self-acceptance, will his time in Hell undo his healing? With so much time on his hands to brood, too many things can go haywire in his present digs, including the temptation to turn into old Lucifer. That could jeopardize the happy ending we all want for Luci and Chloe. But fans want the stars to align for these two. There’s genuine love chemistry and little Trixie adores him, so whatever goes wrong can quickly be righted, right?

A father-son meetup

Looming over Lucifer’s head are unresolved daddy issues that can’t be solved with a phone call. At some point, fans want to see Lucifer and his father have a heart-to-heart or confrontation about everything. His fall from Heaven, assignment to Hell, and rebellious streak on Earth can all be linked to his “dear old Dad” as he says. It’s time, and he’s not the only one who wants to speak to the Big Guy. Ahem, the Goddess, Cain, Abel, and Eve all probably want to get in line.

Mazikeen finds love and happiness

For a moment, fans thought Maze would have more than blood, threats, and fights in her storylines. While her friendships with Linda and Chloe’s daughter are noteworthy, it was painful to watch the unrequited love plot with Eve.

TV Insider interviewed Henderson and Modrovich and asked about a possible Eve return, to which they replied there’s potential there but, “We just have to figure out what story is there and how much we want to explore.”

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If that’s a go, then it could mean a second chance for Maze and Eve. But there is also space in the series for Maze to find love elsewhere, even if it’s with herself or her mom, Lilith. She, like Lucifer, has learned to tap into her softer side, and fans would love it if more is done with her character.

A peek at Baby Charlie’s powers

As a Nephilim, there are multiple rules that probably apply to Charlie on both the celestial and earthly levels. He’s going to have powers, but how will they impact the day-to-day stuff with his parents and the grander scheme where the family lives? Does he grow rapidly like Jack in Supernatural? Are his powers of a dual nature, harmful or helpful depending on the circumstances?

Perhaps Linda and Amenadiel’s parenting story will intersect with Lucifer’s in some way, forcing the Old Man out of chill mode, especially with Remiel sniffing around about an angel baby.

Detective Douche will stop living up to his nickname

So, Dan Espinoza was a dirty cop trying to redeem himself, but in season four, he goes beyond trading insults with Lucifer and tries to take him out. That dumb move almost got his own daughter killed. His anger toward Luci over Charlotte’s death will either drive him further over the edge or serve as a wakeup call that he has to change. On a show that likes to throw in twists, don’t be surprised if Dan winds up learning the truth about Lucifer or takes a trip to hell.

Since he hooked up with the sunshine that is Ella, it is possible they develop a real relationship and that could influence him the same way Chloe influences Lucifer. Earlier in the series, he was shown as someone who was trying to work through his issues—with the help of improv—and sometimes gave advice to Lucifer. There is hope. Kevin Alejandro told SYFY Wire that he believes his character has grown on the audience:

“I think they’re realizing that all of his emotions come from a place of honesty. He’s only human, and he’s just trying to figure out life as he goes along.”

Fans are down for the wildness that season five has in store, and with 16 episodes to wrap things up, the series has plenty of material to keep us entertained and invested. Viewers hope that Lucifer‘s final call burns bright with romance, family ties, action, and what it really means to be good or bad.