‘Lucifer’ Season 5: Fans Are Happy This Character is Returning

As Lucifer fans await news of season five’s debut, the creative team behind the show continues to drop teeny tiny morsels of what’s to come. While we have no clue about when the first batch of episodes will arrive on Netflix, we do know there are some new and returning characters slated to appear in the final season.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German have teased Deckerstar action, and it’s been revealed that a 1940s noire-themed episode is part of the plan. One major omniscient character will be introduced and along with that, one of the quirkier ones is coming back. Guess who?

Tom Ellis as 'Lucifer'
Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

‘Lucifer’ bringing back a past flame

A photo from inside a table read is making the rounds online as is the news via Entertainment Weekly that actress Inbar Lavi is in season five. Who does she play? The naïve yet loving former first girlfriend of Lucifer, Eve. EW revealed a first look photo of Lavi who’s been pegged as a guest star for the upcoming season.

According to the outlet, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich can’t wait for viewers to see what’s next for Eve:

“We are so excited to have Inbar back! Last we saw her, Eve broke Maze’s heart. Soooo… a reunion between our favorite demon and the original sinner should go smoothly, right?”

Lavi’s cryptic social media post included a snap of the script with the title blotted out, so it’s unclear which episodes will feature Eve. With God in the picture too, it should make for some interesting banter.

Why fans are ready to see more Eve in ‘Lucifer’

Maze and Chloe were both left feeling abandoned by the objects of their affections at the end of season four, but with Eve and Maze, it was more of an unrequited love story. There’s an opportunity for fans to see growth in both characters, whether they end up together as a couple or with other lovers.

Many viewers liked Eve’s character and want to see if she’ll come back wiser and savvier or if she’ll still be green and unintentionally wreak havoc on Earth. Now that God is set to be in the picture, what will that mean for her break from heaven and their possible meetup?  

Ultimately, fans are rooting for romance between Maze and Eve just as much as they are for Luci and Chloe. But with Maze’s temper and broken heart, that won’t be an easy journey.

That’s right, God and Lucifer will be together

The Lucifer writers’ room are a gleeful bunch who love to share clues with fans about season five’s episodes. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Dennis Haysbert was cast as God and will be sharing some screen time with both sons – Lucifer and Amenadiel. A recent writers’ room post teased that there’s a family dinner episode in the mix that may ring the bell for a variety of guests. Could Eve be at the table as someone’s date?

Fans love the idea, but everyone will just have to wait and see what’s in the pipeline when Eve, God, and everyone else comes together in L.A. in season five of Lucifer.