Lucy Hale ‘Pressed Yes’ for John Mayer on VIP Dating App: ‘I’m so Drawn to Musical Talent’

Lucy Hale swiped right on John Mayer. 

That’s right. The 30-year-old Pretty Little Liars alum revealed in a cover story for Cosmopolitan’s March 2020 issue she’s on an exclusive dating app for celebrities — so elite the name isn’t uttered — and at one point came upon the seven-time Grammy winner’s profile. Ahead, learn what Hale, who stars in The CW’s Katy Keene — the Archie comics spinoff premieres Feb. 6 — had to say about Mayer and her love life. 

Lucy Hale swiped right on John Mayer

Celebrities are just like us; they’re on dating apps too. Albeit super-exclusive ones but dating apps just the same. Thanks to Hale we know she and Mayer are among those in Hollywood who have tried them.

“John Mayer is on there,” Hale told Cosmopolitan. But don’t go thinking the actress and guitar player are on their way to becoming a couple. The Tennesse native said she swiped right  — or whatever the equivalent is on the shall-not-be-named dating app — but Mayer didn’t reciprocate. “And I pressed yes for him, but I don’t think he pressed yes for me,” she explained. 

Lucy Hale hosts St. Jude Luncheon on Aug. 10, 2018
Lucy Hale hosts St. Jude Luncheon on Aug. 10, 2018 | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

When asked if Mayer’s reputation concerned her, Hale said it falls to the wayside when music is involved. “I’m so drawn to musical talent, I don’t care,” she said. 

Past flames of Mayer’s include Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and most recently Katy Perry who is now engaged to Pirates of the Carribean actor Orlando Bloom.

Hale: ‘I love being single’

Based on Hale’s cover interview, she’s not spending all of her time on dating apps. Although the former star of Life Sentence did admit she had a desire to be in a relationship years earlier. 

“When I was younger, I was constantly wanting to be with or date someone because I was so deathly afraid of being single or by myself,” Hale said.

Today, that’s not the case. She enjoys being single, or as Emma Watson says, “self-partnered,” and it’ll take a lot for her to give up her current lifestyle.

“Now, I’m at the point where if I meet someone, they better really elevate my life, because I love being single,” Hale explained. 

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Not only is she more than OK with the single life at 30, what Hale looks for in a partner has shifted. 

“I used to be really drawn to, like, damaged people who had been through some sh**,” she said. “Now, I’m like, You can be nice but not boring. Nice but not a dud.” 

Who has Lucy Hale dated? 

Hale’s dating history goes back to 2007 when she’d been seeing Wizards of Waverly Place’s David Henrie, according to PopSugar Celebrity. In Oct. 2010, she’d been linked to keyboardist Alex Marshall of The Cab. Then she dated The Amazing Spider-Man’s Chris Zylka but by Sept. 2012 they had called it quits after about nine months together. 

Others Hale has been romantically linked to include actor Graham Rogers, country singer Joel Crouse, Lawson drummer Adam Pitts, musician Anthony Kalabretta — they reportedly dated for two years — and most recently Riley Smith, her Life Sentence co-star.