Lucy Hale Reveals One of Her Biggest Passions (and What Fans Can Expect from ‘Fantasy Island’)

Lucy Hale | Lucy Hale Instagram

Dogs truly are a woman’s best friend, especially when it comes to actress and animal lover, Lucy Hale. She recently told The Cheat Sheet about her passion for her adorable pup and shared details many fans may not know.

She also dished about her upcoming project, a reboot of the iconic series Fantasy Island, designed for the big screen. Hale reveals this version of Fantasy Island goes deeper and darker than what Mr. Roarke and Tattoo delivered in the early 1980s. Viewers no doubt will be on the edge of their seats.

As she prepares to start shooting the film, the one thing never far from Hale’s mind is her three-year-old Maltipoo, Elvis. Elvis has definitely stolen Hale’s heart and taken over her house. “I might be biased but he’s the greatest dog in the world,” Hale told The Cheat Sheet. “He’s got a human personality and is just the sweetest thing.”

How did Elvis get his name?

Hale’s manager gave her the pup about three years ago, which was a little bit of a surprise. “I kind of had a feeling I was getting a dog, but it was still a surprise,” she remarks. “When it came to naming him, I originally wanted to name him Memphis, because I’m from Memphis. But I had a friend at the time who was pregnant and that was one of the names she was considering, so I didn’t want to steal her thunder.”

So Hale pondered other aspects of Memphis that she loved and the name Elvis made sense. “Being from Memphis, we love Elvis Presley,” she says. “And he looked like Elvis too. And it stuck.” Hale also revealed that, like most dog owners, Elvis has a few nicknames. “Elvie and oh, also Elvira,” she says. “My mom sometimes likes to call him ‘Big E’ because he’s not big at all.”

Even though he’s tiny, Elvis is large and in charge

Hale is a true dog lover and embraces her sweet puppy’s funny quirks. “He likes to sleep on the kitchen table,” she laughs. “He buries his bones for hours in my sheets. And just makes me laugh. “

She also gushes about how well behaved he is too. “He doesn’t really bark and is good on airplanes,” she adds. “He knows how to sit but we still have more training to do with him. We’ll get there.” Hale is no stranger to animals as she says her home was filled with all kinds of pets growing up. “We had hermit crabs, turtles, and fish. That led to dogs and cats,” she says. Hale adds she actually wanted to be a vet when she was a kid too.

Which is why her partnership with Honey Nut Cheerios and the ASPCA is perfect

From now through April, anyone who purchases a box of Honey Nut Cheerios can help Hale donate money to the ASPCA. Families can visit, pick a team and scan the Buzzcoin symbol with your phone on any Honey Nut Cheerios box to donate Buzzcoin for their team’s charity.

The team that collects the most Buzzcoin will win $100,000 for their charity. Hale and the ASPCA are competing against her friends, Michael B. Jordan for Feeding America and Rob Gronkowski for The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation.

She’s also going to be busy running for her life too

Hale revealed that when she films long term on location, Elvis is typically by her side. Which might be comforting since Fantasy Island sounds like it is going to be packed with creepy intrigue.

She divulged that the film is going to be far from a parody of the original series and will be updated to take fans on quite a ride. “We’re using the bones from the original show,” she says. “But we’re doing a really dark twist. Plus we’re actually filming on an island, which should be pretty interesting.”

“It’s also going to be much darker than what people realize,” she hints. And while the big scandal on the original show were guests with deep, dark secrets, Hale says this version has a far more nefarious side. “It’s more that the fantasies all go wrong, and they become deadly and there’s a fight to survive and get off the island.”

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