‘Lupin’: Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer for Part 2

Netflix had a sleeper hit on its hands with Lupin and landed itself in the top 10. That distinction helped the show achieve a milestone as the first French series to do so on the platform.

The Omar Sy-led heist drama aired its first five episodes in January, leaving viewers eager to find out what will happen next with Assane Diop.

Omar Sy in 'Lupin'
‘Lupin’ on Netflix with Omar Sy | Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

‘Lupin’ part 1 left loose ends

Back January, Netflix reported that Lupin logged 70 million streams within its first few weeks, signifying that millions are invested in Assane and Raoul’s fates.

By the end of part 1, a detective figured out Assane’s true identity. But to further complicate matters, his son had been kidnapped by one of Pellegrini’s henchmen. However, many fans are rooting for the gentleman thief to come out unscathed in his quest for vengeance.

They want Assane Diop to reunite with his son and escape the law’s clutches while clearing his father’s name. With so much at stake, the audience is wondering how he’ll outsmart his enemies and stay out of legal trouble. Will Detective Guedira join his cause? Will Pellegrini go down for his crimes?

Hopefully, part 2 will answer these questions and more.

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Netflix to drop ‘Lupin’ part 2 in the summer

Netflix released a new teaser trailer for Lupin part 2 and it is definitely game time. “If you touch my son, I’ll kill you,” says Assane, and he means it. But Pellegrini is puffing his chest and remains smug. And the police are closing in on Assane, so he will have to adjust his strategy in order to rescue his son and exact revenge.

Raoul is caught in the middle, and there’s no telling how all this trauma and drama will affect him moving forward. Who will make it out alive?

Though the law is hot on Assane’s tail, Sy spoke about his character’s relationship with the police, specifically, Detective Guedira. He told Netflix Queue, “He’s Assane’s counterpart, really. If you forget they’re on opposite sides of the law, they’re just both Arsène Lupin geeks!”

Sy also shared that he specifically chose to play this character in the series, and Lupin is considered a mythical hero in France. “He’s the perfect character for an actor. He’s seductive and smart, he plays multiple roles, and he makes it possible to experience all kinds of adventures. If I were British, I’d have said James Bond. In France, we have Lupin!” said Sy.

Catch up on ‘Lupin’ part 1

Viewers can stream the first five episodes of Lupin on Netflix before part 2’s summertime debut. For those who want to see Sy in more roles, he was also a star in The Intouchables, a story that follows the friendship between Driss and Philippe. It earned Sy a César Award for his performance.

He’s also been in Transformers: The Last Knight, Jurassic World, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. As far as Lupin, it’s not clear whether there will be another installment after part 2.

Sy recently told The Wrap that he’s unsure. “We don’t know,’ he said. “So of course, at the end of the 10 episodes, we’re going to close something. But the end of something is always the beginning of something else. So we’ll see,” Sy told the outlet.