Lynch Will Guide ‘Twin Peaks’ to a Wonderfully Bizarre Return

Early 1990s cult favorite TV show Twin Peaks is returning to television 25 years after it premiered. The show is a cultural phenomenon that has only picked up more diehard fans as the years have passed, and all those fans are experiencing all the feelings about the show’s comeback, from joy to pre-disappointment that there’s no way for a return to Twin Peaks not to suck comparatively.

Surrealist director David Lynch made the move to TV with Twin Peaks years before television’s current “golden age” that has helped the small screen seduce many renown filmmakers. Known for freaky cult movies like Eraserhead and Blue Velvet, Lynch’s tale of a small town in the Pacific Northwest where things aren’t quite as they seem touched a broader nerve than his previous work while retaining his signature weirdness.

Now Showtime has announced that Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016 for a limited series helmed by original creators Lynch and David Frost, according to a report from Deadline and a teaser released by Showtime. Lynch is set to direct all of the series’ nine episodes, which will premiere on the 25th anniversary of when the original series ended its run on ABC. The third season is going to be a continuation of the original, not a reboot.

The show revolves around FBI Agent Dale Cooper’s investigation into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, which shows that things in the small town of Twin Peaks aren’t quite as idyllic as they seem on the surface. The show refused to reveal the identity of Palmer’s murderer until halfway through the second season, at ABC’s insistence, when viewership began to decline. That’s considered the point when the show went downhill, and it didn’t return after the second season, though Lynch made a prequel film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Twin Peaks has one of the biggest cult followings of any television show, and that means fans’ emotions will be running high regarding the program’s return. While many will be ecstatic to see their beloved show get new life from its original creators, others will be more wary that a new attempt could ruin a beautiful thing. Deadline says that the third season should finally provide a satisfactory conclusion and give some answers to the many, many questions that were left open-ended. For now it’s uncertain which of the original actors will be returning, but Deadline said that Kyle MacLachlan will probably be back to play Agent Cooper.

The show is facing a very different television landscape than it did when it came out in 1990. Now TV shows are given more freedom than movies, and audiences have been shown to love dark, challenging, weird shows like True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad, just to name a few. Even though Twin Peaks only ran for two years, it is one of the shows that helped change television to become more inclusive of the challenging and the bizarre.

Despite the healthy skepticism that the long-awaited third season could be terrible, with Frost and Lynch on board, it stands the chance of being a faithful, interesting, and good continuation of the beloved series. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to find out, but in the meantime, grumpy fans should read Time’s article about why one shouldn’t be pre-disappointed for the show. With the current TV landscape and the creators behind the wheel, there are more reasons that the return to Twin Peaks will be great than there are that it will fail.

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