‘Madam Secretary’: Is the Show Canceled or Renewed for Season 6?

It’s that time of year, where millions of fans wait in anticipation to find out whether their favorite show has been picked up for another season or whether this season will be the last. We have already seen several shows get renewed for another season, (or three, ahem This Is Us), but some networks have been slow to reveal the fate of their longstanding shows. 

Madam Secretary has been popular with fans since it premiered in 2014. But lately, the show has found itself on the bubble, uncertain whether it will survive cancellation season. CBS just announced their plans for the political drama, so, did it get canceled or was it renewed for season six?

What is ‘Madam Secretary’ about?

Téa Leoni
Téa Leoni | Sarah ShatzCBS via Getty Images

Madam Secretary follows Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord as she negotiates world issues while trying to maintain balance at home. McCord, played by Tea Leoni, was a former CIA analyst and political science professor who returned to politics after President Conrad Dalton asked her to serve as Secretary of State. Throughout the series, fans have seen McCord grow in her position and prepare herself for the greater challenges that lie ahead. 

The show has been able to score some major guest stars along the way. Former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell all guest starred on the season five premiere. Madam Secretary executive producer Lori McCreary revealed that Clinton told her that she would love to be on the show after the two met at a party.  Albright had previously been on the show in season two, so once Clinton signed on, everything else just fell into place. Clinton revealed in 2016 that the show was one of her favorites to watch on TV, joking, “Sometimes us ex-diplomats need our fix!”

Has ‘Madam Secretary’ been renewed?

CBS announced early last week that Madam Secretary would indeed return for season six. Fans found themselves worried about the show’s status for the first time in its six-year run. Season five ended with Elizabeth McCord set to head out on the campaign trail for her bid for President of the United States. Season six is set up to focus on the former secretary of state’s run for president. 

Fans knew that McCord would be making her announcement before heading into the season finale, but the road to the campaign trail didn’t come easy. As it has done in the past, the show pulled events out of the headlines to add to the drama. Just before McCord was set to make her announcement, Peter and members of the UN security council were poisoned and killed by a white nationalist group fighting against countries who accept refugees. The attack made McCord question her ability to run for president and had her running back to the current president asking to rescind her resignation. 

Will ‘Madam Secretary’ end after season 6?

While fans were given good news with the show’s renewal notice, the joy was short lived. One week later, CBS has announced that the sixth will be the show’s final season. The show will receive a shortened season, running just 10 episodes, half its normal order. However, these ten episodes will allow writers to tie up the loose ends left at the end of season five. CBS president, Kelly Kahl explained the decision to bring the show back for a final season, “It’s hard when a show ‘poof goes away.’ We like to be able to do this and send the show off with a great deal of respect and celebration.”

Will McCord continue on her bid to become president? Will she win? The last and final season of Madam Secretary will air this fall on CBS.