Magneto and Professor X Won’t Be at the Center of the MCU’s X-Men Story: Who Will Be?

Insider reports surrounding the X-Men introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe suggest that the characters will come to play one at a time, as opposed to en-masse in an X-Men titled movie. 

From the rumor that Deadpool will feature in Black Widow to the idea that Storm could appear in Black Panther 2, all the insider leaks do not suggest a full X-Men narrative — or a branched out saga extending from the existing landscape. Instead, insider reports suggest that the mutants will bear singular relevance to current stories, giving rise to mutantkind slowly and steadily, taking years — and multiple phases — to build up to a mutant mash-up in the MCU. 

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Kevin Feige will use the MCU to break away from Fox’s ‘X-Men’ depiction 

Before jumping into the mutants destined to appear at the start — supporting the argument that Magneto and Professor X will take a backseat — let’s remember Fox’s original depiction. 

The Fox X-Men franchise honed in on Magneto and Professor X’s dynamic — and their associated followings. One was like Martin Luther King Jr. — looking for ways in which humans and mutants could coexist peacefully, avoiding violence as a means to seek equality and balance. The other was a bit more like Malcolm X, bringing fire to the flame, arguing that humans would never treat mutants as equals for fear of what they don’t understand. 

In short, the above narrative has not necessarily grown stale, but it’s been a bit burnt out and overwrought. It was at the center of an entire trilogy and existed as a thematic undertone in later installments. 

Marvel Studios, while under Disney’s umbrella, will likely stray from this account to avoid Fox mimicry — to provide fans something new and exciting, as opposed to mimetic and uninspired. And, there are several other canonical plotlines present in the comic book source material. And, insider reports suggest we’re in for quite the Storm (pun intended).  

Storm and Mystique to lead the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants respectively in the MCU?

If Marvel and DC Insider Mikey Sutton is correct, Storm could appear in Black Panther 2 (possibly with Janelle Monáe in the title role). Considering Storm comes to lead Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (and later The Jean Grey School of Higher Learning), she could easily be the new woman in charge. 

Storm was Professor Xavier’s protege and trusted confidante in the comics, and while Fox hinted at this dynamic, it did not dive into all the sequential plotlines that followed suit. Meaning, the MCU could choose to start it’s X-Men journey at a later point in time: When Storm is in charge of the X-Men, and she is the woman who leads the group into battle.

As for Mystique, rumor has it that Rogue will enter the MCU as an adversary in Captain Marvel 2, which could be the link to Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants.

Rogue is Mystique’s daughter and part of the Brotherhood that Mystique leads after Magneto, which consists of this mother and daughter duo, as well as Pyro, the Blob, Avalanche, and Destiny. Captain Marvel 2 could thus set up the bad guy mutants while Black Panther 2 introduces the “new” version of the X-Men, with new characters defining both the superhero team and the villainous Brotherhood. Familiar faces may appear in prequels, flashbacks, or follow-up narratives, but different mutants will undoubtedly take the reigns if Rogue and Storm step into Magneto and Professor X’s shoes, respectively.