Making ‘Black Panther 2’ Without Chadwick Boseman Is Something Letitia Wright Doesn’t ‘Even Want to Think About’

It’s difficult for Marvel fans to imagine a Black Panther sequel without Chadwick Boseman. But after the actor’s tragic passing at the age of 43 due to colon cancer, Marvel must figure out how to move forward with the franchise without their star. Studio boss Kevin Feige does have a couple of options when it comes to handling Boseman’s death in the context of Black Panther 2. But star Letitia Wright says that she doesn’t “even want to think about” it right now.

Black Panther 2 Chadwick Boseman
Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

‘Black Panther 2’ is still scheduled to premiere in May 2022

When Boseman died in August, he was just weeks away from beginning his training for Black Panther 2. Marvel had principle photography scheduled for the spring of 2021, and he was planning to get back into superhero shape.

But as Radio Times points out, Boseman’s Marvel family is still very much in mourning.  Moving forward with the sequel just isn’t top of mind for most. The project appears to be on pause at the moment, but the studio still has the film scheduled for release on May 6, 2022.

Of course, Marvel could push this date back, and many expect that they will. Some even believe that a Black Panther sequel is not a certainty. Without Boseman as T’Challa would Marvel bother making the film?

Considering the success of the first film, it’s unlikely that Marvel will scrap the franchise. Rumors were swirling before Boseman’s death that Letitia Wright’s Shuri could take on her brother’s role as Wakanda’s defender.

This unexpected circumstance could force the studio to speed up their supposed plans. Or, writer/director Ryan Coogler could end up completely changing the script.

How will Marvel honor Chadwick Boseman?

The loss of Boseman leaves Feige and Coogler in a precarious position. Out of respect for the late actor, it’s highly unlikely they would recast the role of T’Challa. Instead, the expectation is that they will continue the story with other characters.

According to BGR, a dependable Marvel leaker claims the studio is considering going the “Carrie Fisher route” to give Boseman’s character closure. Fans will remember that Disney used a body double and CGI to shoot Leia’s scenes in Rise of Skywalker after Fisher’s untimely passing.

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Fans have petitioned for the role of Black Panther to transition to Shuri. But, how Marvel handles that transition is the question. Having it take place off-screen doesn’t seem like a strong option because it wouldn’t honor Boseman’s legacy.

Because Black Panther 2 is years away, they could go the “Carrie Fisher route” and have the Black Panther transition take place in a post-credits scene from a future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. This would allow them to give Boseman a surprising and emotional sendoff and make it clear they won’t recast the role.

Letitia Wright doesn’t ‘even want to think about’ making ‘Black Panther 2’ without Chadwick Boseman

Boseman’s death was devastating for his colleagues. The actor kept his battle with cancer private for years. Most of his Black Panther co-stars weren’t aware of his diagnosis.

Wright posted an emotional video tribute to Boseman on social media after he died. In the caption she wrote “for my brother.” In the video, she said it was difficult to accept the world without Boseman as her new reality.

Wright added that she wished she had gotten the chance to “say goodbye.” Nearly two months later, Wright told Net-A-Porter that she was still in mourning.

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“We’re just still mourning Chad, so it’s not something I even want to think about,” Wright explained. “The thought of doing it without him is kinda strange. We’re just grieving at the moment, so it’s trying to find the light in the midst of it.”

Chadwick Boseman’s MCU films — including Black Panther — are available on Disney+.