‘Making the Band’: The Iconic Show is Coming Back. Here’s How You Can Audition

Boom boom kack. If those three words mean something to you, then you were probably a huge fan of Making the Band. The iconic early 2000s reality show brought us some of the best moments in reality television history.

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been missing dramatic moments and musical challenges in your life lately, you’re in luck, because Making the Band is coming back!

Last week, Sean Combs, or Diddy, took to Instagram to ask fans if they wanted the show back.

“Should I do Making The Band again?” he asked.

Apparently, MTV contacted him about the show.

@MTV called me about bringing it back, should I? #IWantMyMTB,” he tweeted.

Fans immediately replied, asking Diddy to run the reality competition again. Even actor Seth Rogen joined the conversation.

“DO IT PLEASE!!!” he tweeted.

“What did you like most about the show??” Diddy asked Rogen.

“Probably the hot fire,” Rogen responded.

And that was enough for Diddy to be on board.

“MTV and I are back together again!” Diddy said in a statement obtained by Bustle.Making the Band is coming back bigger, bolder and more cutting edge. MTB on MTV was the pioneer of reality TV. We’re going to bring that supernatural energy back to the format and bring the world it’s next global superstars.”

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome back the incomparable Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to his rightful home at MTV,” Nina L. Diaz, MTV’s President of Entertainment said in a statement obtained by the outlet. “Making the Band was ahead of its time and the ultimate disruptor – fans everywhere have been clamoring for a return and they are in for the biggest, most iconic season yet.”

How to get on the show

If you missed going on the show when it first aired from 2000 to 2009, you have another chance to give it a go.

Yesterday, Diddy took to Twitter to tell fans how they could sign up for the show.

“I’ve made my decision… #MakingTheBand is coming back!!!” he wrote. “This will be a global talent search, upload your auditions now using #MTBcasting!!”


He also tweeted a video, further elaborating on his decision to bring the show back.

“Sometimes you live in your own bubble and you may not really know the importance of something that you created,” he said in the video. “With Making the Band, myself and MTV, we created something special. We empowered young talent from all over the world, no matter what hood they was from, no matter what background they was from, everybody got a chance if they could sing, they could rap, they could dance, if they could show their talent. I loved it, it was one of the happiest times of my life.”

Fan reactions

Following the announcement of the show, some fans were a little wary, considering the failure of the past bands that the show created.

“Diddy couldn’t make Da Band, Dream, Danity Kane, Day 26, or Dirty Money work…and he wants to do another Making the Band? #IWantMyMTB,” one fan tweeted.


But others still had faith in the producer’s ability to make a great band.

“Y’all keep saying Diddy couldn’t get Dainty Kane & Day 26 to work when in fact they both went platinum, plussss they had issues with each other lol this how I know y’all young. Them not lasting had zero to do with Diddy,” one fan wrote.