‘Making the Cut’ Winner Jonny Cota Got Surprising Feedback From Catholic Families

Making the Cut is Amazon’s new original show that has been blowing up on social media. The popular series takes on reality, fashion, and competition in a way that Amazon has never before. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn co-host the series, and as their fans probably already know, this isn’t the first time the two have worked together on-air. Take a closer look at the premise of the new hit-series and see what surprising feedback the Making the Cut season one winner ended up receiving. 

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How does Making the Cut compare to Project Runway

Gunn and Klum seemed ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with one another again. As many of their fans recall, Klum and Gunn were notorious for their time and fun and quirky relationship on Project Runway. According to Vogue, Klum once said, “Tim is my work husband. I always joke that this is my longest-lasting marriage.” The two definitely seemed to build a lasting and meaningful connection with one another while working together on the set of Project Runway. Finally, after 16 seasons, the two decided together that they would be leaving the show. 

When Klum and Gunn announced that Making the Cut was the next big project that the pair was taking on side-by-side, fans and viewers were bound to speculate how much Making the Cut could potentially resemble Project Runway, the television series that tied Gunn and Klum together for over a decade. Klum and Gunn do not seem oblivious to that at all. Gunn even joked, “Project Runway is the undergraduate program and Making the Cut is the graduate and PhD program,” according to Hollywood Reporter. At the end of the day, the foundation and concept of the two shows have a lot of similarities, however, Making the Cut takes on a much more prestigious, lavish, and global approach. Apparently, Amazon’s budget played a huge part in this. Making the Cut viewers and fans also seem to like that the show appears more realistic and enjoy that it is seemingly being produced at a much higher level than the show’s predecessor. Even though the reality and competition elements of the show organically make the two series appear very similar, they both still are unique in their own ways. 

Jonny Cota’s journey on Making the Cut 

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The season one finale of Making the Cut aired on April 24th. By this point, fans and viewers had already learned about Jonny Cota’s heartwarming and inspiring story as to how he has gotten to this point in his life. He shared with his fans and viewers the struggles he often faced as a result of exploring a more creative career and identifying as a gay young man in a limited and restricting community. Cota’s Midwestern Catholic upbringing was an additional element that played a difficult role in his life while growing up. 

With time Cota has learned how to accept and embrace his background and upbringing. Nonetheless, Cota prevailed and eventually conquered. The charming and talented designer was named the season one champion of Making the Cut. His fashion line is currently up and selling on Amazon. Based on the reviews, Cota seems to be off to a good start, but those aren’t the only good reviews Cota has been receiving.  

What surprising feedback did Jonny Cota receive from Catholic families?

Cota’s history was no secret to the public. The talented artist was very open about his identity and upbringing while featured on Making the Cut. Amidst Cota’s celebrations, he received some unexpected and surprising feedback, according to Paper. Many Catholic families began reaching out to Cota and thanking him for his actions and words while on Making the Cut. The Catholic families expressed that they were grateful for Cota’s actions and that his honesty is impactful and inspiring. It seems like Cota has a lot more to be proud of than just his fashion design talents.