‘Malcolm & Marie’: Where Can You Watch The Trailer for Zendaya’s New Movie?

While many people have spent much of 2020 looking for jobs and trying to get through the troubling time the coronavirus pandemic has caused, Zendaya has amped up her working schedule, working with director/writer Sam Levinson (creator of Euphoria) and fellow actor John David Washington to gift audiences with a new film, Malcolm & Marie.

Despite many entertainment productions in Hollywood shutting down due to the safety risks that the coronavirus pandemic posed to film sets, Levinson, Zendaya, and Washington surprised the world by announcing over the summer that they had filmed Malcolm & Marie for two weeks between June and July 2020.

Zendaya | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

How ‘Malcolm & Marie’ happened

According to Deadline, Zendaya asked Levinson following the shutdown of season two of Euphoria in March if he could create a movie during that time. Six days later, he had Malcolm & Marie, with Zendaya in mind for one-half of the movie’s lead duo. Levinson thought of Washington, who also starred in BlacKkKlansman, for the other main role.

They filmed the black and white movie with a minimal crew and tight safety precautions, making sure they could create their art and remain healthy before, during, and after production as well.

Even though filming happened during a pandemic, the cast and crew prioritized safety

Zendaya spoke about the safety conditions for filming Malcolm & Marie with InStyle for the September 2020 cover story.

“Our crew was a very small group of people who are also from Euphoria,” Zendaya explained to the magazine. “And the No. 1 thing was safety. Everyone had to quarantine and get tested in order to shoot in isolation. We created our own little bubble and made sure that once we were in, we couldn’t leave.”

This isolated bubble for filming contributed to further creative collaboration, Zendaya asserted. “We were able to workshop and rehearse together — it was very much like a play,” she continued. “I did my own hair and makeup and dressed in my own clothes. And then we shot in black and white on film, so we’ll see how it turns out. I think we were able to create something really special.”

Where can you watch the trailer

Zendaya surprised fans by dropping the trailer for Malcolm & Marie on Jan. 8 on her social media accounts. You can watch the teaser for the film above, and the full movie will be available on Netflix on Feb. 5.

The black and white trailer shows a “story of love” between a couple, going through the ups and downs of a relationship together. They’re seen arguing, screaming, and kissing throughout the short clip. Zendaya’s character Marie poses the thoughts: “What if there’s someone who loved them better?” and “It’s not until you’re about to lose someone that you finally pay attention.”

Malcolm & Marie comes out in less than a month — and only a little over a month before Academy Award nominations are announced on March 15. We can’t wait to see the film and eagerly await possible Oscar buzz for it as well.

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