Does Malia Obama Have A Secret Facebook Account?

Malia Obama grew up in the public eye. The eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama was just a kid when her father became Commander-in-Chief, and she spent her formative years growing up under a microscope in the White House. Now, the eldest Obama girl is 20-years-old and in her sophomore year at Harvard University.

Like many of us during our college years, she’s discovering who she is and trying to carve out a place for herself without the weight of her family name smothering her. While the rest of us think very little about having various social media accounts across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter–Malia must be much more careful about what she puts out into the public. Does she have a secret Facebook account where she posts snippets from her daily life?

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Malia Obama had a secret Facebook account until recently

Like Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and a slew of famous names before her, Malia Obama did have a secret facebook account. It looks like the former first daughter used the account during her senior year of high school and during her gap year when she was exploring the world.

Though the account has not been active since 2017— Malia used the platform as an outlet. She often posted photos of herself on vacation including trips to Bolivia and Chile with her friends including, former Vice President Joe Biden’s 20-year-old granddaughter, Finnegan. She also used her secret Facebook account to speak out against things close to her heart including, gun reform. She was also outraged by some of Donald Trump’s bombastic rhetoric. She posted a photo of a series of hot pink Post-It notes that read, “Donald Trump is President. This is not normal. Donald Trump is evil and Don’t be complacent.”

What is Malia Obama doing now?

After spending some time away from the spotlight and enjoying her gap year–working with The Weinstein Company before the Harvey Weinstein allegations broke–Malia Obama has been enjoying her time as a student at Harvard.

Recently–the film enthusiast was spotted on vacation with some of her school friends –Jane Lipscomb, Taylor Nides and Lizzy Mullaney. The foursome were in Miami where they were soaking up some much-needed sun rays after dealing with the brutal cold of the northeast. There was a ton of hoopla because Obama was snapped enjoying an $80 bottle of rosé by the pool of a hotel, but we think that’s a bit absurd. With so much drama over nothing, we can certainly understand why Malia has given up her secret Facebook account.

Malia Obama also seems to have found love at Harvard. She has been dating British born Rory Farquharson. However, we don’t know if the duo is still on because they have not been seen together since Aug. 2018. Still, from where we’re sitting, Malia Obama is living her best life.

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