‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 5 Recap — The Gunfighter

Our protagonist goes from the lush krill farms into a desert planet in search of a safe home for this child. Naturally, there are a few snags along the way. Who are the new characters in this episode of Disney+’s original series? Where is The Mandalorian off to next? Here’s what you might’ve missed in this week’s episode of Star Wars’ first-ever live-action television show, The Mandalorian.

This article contains spoilers from episode five of ‘The Mandalorian,’ entitled The Gunfighter!

Executive producer/writers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau of 'The Mandalorian'
Executive producer/writers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau of ‘The Mandalorian’ | Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

It feels like every bounty hunter is after this child

The Mandalorian officially left the serene pastures of the krill farm and is now caught in a battle somewhere in space. Another bounty hunter is shooting at him, damaging his ship, in an attempt to capture the child. The Mandalorian outsmarts this bounty hunter, but his ship is still severely damaged. As a result, our protagonist heads for Tatooine.

On this new, desert planet, he asks a woman to repair his ship and leaves the child asleep onboard while he goes out to look for work. Of course, while he’s gone, the baby stumbles out of the ship and into the arms of the mechanic. In addition to repairing the ship, she tells her droids, she’s going to look after the child. It’ll cost the Mandalorian more money but hey, at least he’s kind of safe.

The Mandalorian teams up with another bounty hunter to pay for the repairs to his ship

Our bounty hunter heads to a bar in search of work and he’s approached by a “member of the Guild.” Well, sort of. This guy is trying to get into the Guild and to do that, he has to bring in his first criminal. He shows the Mandalorian the chip and he quickly refuses, saying that this elite mercenary killed the Hutts and is super dangerous.

The bounty hunter pleads for the Mandalorian’s help, saying he doesn’t even care about the money, he just needs to get in. The Mandalorian agrees. Half an hour later, they’re outside of the Mandalorian’s ship, driving away on two speeders found by Toro, the bounty hunter. They run into some Tusken Raiders and the Mandalorian negotiates their way through the land.

On their way to find this girl, they run into the dead body of a bounty hunter, sniped by the mercenary, Fennec Shand. When the Mandalorian approaches the body, he finds the tracker beeping quickly, meaning that she’s closeby. He’s sniped and shot twice, but he’s protected by the Beskar armor. They decide to wait until nightfall to capture her.

That night, the Mandalorian has a plan. They’re going to drive the speeders as fast as they can towards Fennec Shand, shooting flairs along the way to blind her. The plan almost works, but Toro’s flair falls into the sand, giving the mercenary the chance to shoot the Mandalorian.

He falls off his speeder but Toro has a chance to make it to the woman and attack her. They end up capturing her, but the Mandalorian’s speeder is fried, so he goes out to find another form of transportation, leaving Toro and Fennec alone.

The other bounty hunter double crosses The Mandalorian, wanting to take him to the Guild instead

Toro and Fennec Shand starts talking, which can’t be a good thing. She tells him that the Mandalorian’s armor is worth so much more than her bounty. Toro tells her he’s not in it for the money. Fennec Shand says there’s a rogue Mandalorian who betrayed the Guild with a child.

She explains that if they capture him and bring him in together, Toro would become a legend. He just has to, you know, get her out of the handcuffs. Toro thinks about it and shoots her, with a resolve to capture the Mandalorian, get into the Guild, and bring glory to his name.

When the Mandalorian returns with an animal to ride on, Toro and his speeder are gone, leaving our protagonist to find the corpse of Fennec Shand.

He returns to his ship, where the woman and the child are being held at gunpoint. The Mandalorian uses the flair to blind Toro and shoots him, taking his money and giving it to the woman to pay for the repairs and the babysitting. With that, our duo is off again, without so much as a goodbye to the mechanic. The last thing viewers see is someone with a cape walking up to the body of Fennec Shand.

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