‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 6 Recap — They Got What They Deserved

With no Guild to turn to, the Mandalorian finds an old friend for a job. Naturally, things get pretty interesting for this bounty hunter and his adorable sidekick. Here’s what you might’ve missed from the sixth episode in this Disney+ original series, entitled “The Prisoner.”

This article contains spoilers of episode six of The Mandalorian, entitled The Prisoner!

A general view of atmosphere at the premiere of Lucasfilm's first-ever, live-action series, "The Mandalorian,"
A general view of atmosphere at the premiere of Lucasfilm’s first-ever, live-action series, “The Mandalorian,” | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The Mandalorian takes a job from an old friend

Our protagonist is, again, without a job or money to provide for the child. As a result, he visits an “old friend” named Ran, who he apparently used to work with. This man has a job for him, and it’s no questions asked. However, he has to work with a team of misfits who prove to be pretty dangerous.

Mayfeld is the leader of the group. Then, there’s Burg, the horn-headed “muscle” of the group, the heartbroken, knife-wielding Xi’an, and a bug-looking droid named Zero. They end up using the Mandalorian’s ship because they have to take a prisoner from the New Republic and his ship is basically undetectable.

Zero pilots the ship, which makes the Mandalorian uneasy, but Burg rummaging through his guns makes him even angrier. The two end up fighting and Burg accidentally opens a door containing the Child. Before anything else can happen, the group arrives at the prison.

The Mandalorian and his crew makes it onto the ship

Once they arrive at the floating prison, each crew member hops down there, except for Zero, who is still piloting the ship. When they’re being shot at by droids, they Mandalorian sneaks up behind them and singlehandedly destroys them all. Still, Xi’an and Mayfeld are hardly impressed.

They make it to the main control room, where even though the Mandalorian was told there are only droids, there’s a person. The Mandalorian tries to deescalate the situation, saying he doesn’t want to shoot him, but Mayfeld pulls a gun on him anyway.

As a result, the guard pulls out a tracking beacon. During the tussle, Xi’an stabs him with a knife and ends up making the tracking beacon start. Now, they only have twenty minutes to find their prisoner before the New Republic arrives.

The group finds the prisoner, who is Xi’an’s brother

The crew finally finds the prisoner and it’s a man named Qin, who apparently knew the Mandalorian. Suddenly, Burg knocks the Mandalorian into the cell and locks it. Back at the ship, Zero is listening to the message from the Guild and finds the Child, who wandered out of his hiding spot. Just as he’s able to shoot, the Child disappears again.

Back with the Mandalorian, he manages to entangle a droid and unlock the cell door. He runs to the control room and closes off some hallways, separating Mayfeld, Qin, Xi’an, and Burg. The whole prison is sent into a red-hued panic, as Zero loses communication with Mayfeld.

The Mandalorian fights back

Back in the control room, the Mandalorian takes the tracking beacon and hides in the ceiling. Burg finds him first, and although viewers can’t see, the Mandalorian captures him. Xi’an and the Mandalorian find each other next and she manages to stab his arm amidst their tussle. The Mandalorian then sneaks up behind Mayfeld. The last person he has to deal with is Qin, who is already climbing up to The Mandalorian’s ship.

They both pull their guns out and Qin starts talking. He tells the Mandalorian that he was hired to do a job. It’s part of the code to return him to Ran. So, the Mandalorian complies. Back on the ship, Zero finally found the Child and is about to shoot, but the Mandalorian saves him.

They return to Ran’s outpost, handing Qin over. When Ran asks what happened to the others, The Mandalorian says, “no questions asked, that’s the policy, right?” The bounty hunter leaves and just as Ran is telling Qin to kill him, they find the tracking beacon. The Mandalorian hid it on Qin.

The New Republic appears shortly after, shooting down Qin and Ran. It’s then that viewers learn the Mandalorian didn’t kill his crew members. Rather, they’re all trapped in a cell together in the prison. Hey, at least the Mandalorian got paid.

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