Mandy Moore’s Secret to Glowing Skin on the Red Carpet Includes a Scary Old-School Facial

Whenever Mandy Moore is seen on the red carpet, the first thing that people notice about her is the fact that her skin always seems to be so radiant. This was especially true when she walked the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards.

Moore has to regularly go through four hours of makeup and have prosthetics glued and plastered on to her face in order to make her look 30 years older for her role on This Is Us. So, with all of the abuse that her skin is put through on a daily basis, how she able to have such glowing skin on the red carpet.

As it turns out, she actually uses a variety of methods when trying to revitalize her skin. Keep reading to find out Moore’s secret to having glowing skin on the red carpet.

What is the process to make Mandy Moore look older on ‘This Is Us’?

On one of the most emotionally entertaining shows of the decades, Moore plays a mother of three named Rebecca Pearson. Because the show’s plot is based primarily on flashbacks and sneak peeks into future events, the 35-year-old actress goes through hours of hair and makeup in order to make her look like a 66-year-old grandmother. 

According to New Beauty, Moore has said that it takes a team of people to get her to age 30 years and the process is actually quite extensive. First, she says that the makeup artists perform a technique on her skin called “Stretch and Stipple.”

This is where they literally take certain areas of her skin (like around her eyes and neck) and stretch out the skin. They then use a material that has the same consistency as dried glue and places it onto the skin that they have just stretched in order to make it look more aged and less elastic.

“Then, they put on the prosthetics pieces,” Moore said. “I think I wear about 10 of them. I have a neck waddle, two pieces of jowls, two nasolabial folds, eye bags, crow’s-feet, something for right in between my eyes where you get these deep wrinkles in between your eyebrows, and the rest is painted on.”

Mandy Moore uses a scary old-school facial to get her skin ready for the red carpet

Mandy Moore attends NBC's "This Is Us" Pancakes with the Pearsons
Mandy Moore | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

In order to counteract the abuse that Moore puts her skin through on a daily basis, she treats herself to a very scary-looking facial that promises outstanding results. She doesn’t do this facial treatment often, usually only to get her face “red carpet ready.”

Before Moore is going to walk the red carpet, she always visits her esthetician in Los Angeles named Biba de Sosa to get a traditional facial that leaves her skin glowing.  

The first thing that de Sosa does is cleans the skin with her own micellar water. Then she uses a “hydrating enzymatic mask to remove dead skin cells.”

Then, de Sosa gives Moore a facial using a “DermaCulture system” that incorporates old-school methods including galvanic current. The machine that de Sosa uses is so old that they have actually quit manufacturing these machines years ago. If you want to use one of these machines, you have to try and buy one off of an esthetician after he or she has retired.

This special type of facial involves several layers of gauze that are placed over the face. The gauze is soaked in a special solution and then a galvanic mask is placed over the gauze. The mask uses galvanic current to help rejuvenate the face. The process looks a little bit scary, but it is actually pain-free and makes your skin look fantastic when it is done.

Mandy Moore doesn’t only use high-end products to take care of her skin

Moore certainly goes above-and-beyond to make her skin look good right before a red carpet event. But when it comes to her everyday skincare regimen, she loves using common products that you can find at the drug store.

According to Allure, Moore loves using Garnier MoistureBomb sheet masks on a regular basis to keep her skin hydrated. She also uses Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist before and after she puts her makeup on. She says that the mist helps to give her skin a natural shine.