‘Manifest’: Here’s How The ‘Badass Car Stunt’ From Season 3 Episode 2 Was Achieved

Manifest Season 3 is moving full steam ahead on production. And based on images from the set, once the show returns, things will get very hairy very quickly. Here’s the scoop on a badass stunt that fans can look forward to in Manifest Season 3 Episode 2.

Josh Dallas on 'Manifest'
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‘Manifest’ showrunner Jeff Rake drops hints and shares snapshots

Fans of Manifest have plenty of burning questions about how the story will unfold in season three. Stoking the flames of curiosity is showrunner Jeff Rake, who drops plenty of hints on Twitter. Lately, Rake has shared a slew of snapshots from the production set.

The show boss has tweeted behind-the-scenes photos from season 3 episodes 1 and 2. The images inspire curiosity and theories about what will come next on the show. And, according to one of Rake’s Twitter teases, “heavy machinery” will be required. One can only guess that the comment refers to the Flight 828 tailfin.

But aside from the overarching mystery of the disappearing-then-reappearing airplane, Rake has shared plenty more juicy tidbits for Manifesters to chew on.

Rake gave fans an inside look at a ‘badass car stunt’ from season 3 episode 2

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On Oct. 6, Rake tweeted a particularly intriguing photo taken on day 2 of filming episode 302. Rake stands in the foreground of a selfie with the production set in the background. In the picture, crew members work around a car that is rigged with equipment. In the caption, Rake wrote, “Ep 302, Day 2. Badass car stunt. #Manifest.”

The show has a complicated history when it comes to stories surrounding modes of transportation. The Flight 828 story sparked a challenging mystery and relationship drama for the passengers and their loved ones. The recently discovered tale of Al-Zuras’ ship is equally troubling. Now, Rake has promised a “badass car stunt” in season 3. It will be no surprise if tragedy around the car narrative ensues.

Rake dished more ‘Manifest details in his Twitter thread

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Manifest fanatics responded to Rake’s tweet with numerous likes, retweets, and comments. And to the delight of fans, Rake engaged by answering some questions.

One fan inquired about how filming is going so far. Rake answered, “Very well.” For the record, Manifest production is based in and around New York, New York. According to IMDb, some locations include Long Island City, New York, Queens, New York, and East Farmingdale, New York.

Another enthusiast on Rake’s Twitter thread asked the show boss how many episodes the audience can expect in season 3. With a short and sweet response, Rake wrote, “13.”

Rake also shared NBC’s plans to premiere Manifest Season 3 early in 2021. Fans who want to catch up before the show returns are in luck. Previous episodes are currently streaming on Peacock.

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