‘Manifest’ Q&A With Jeff Rake and Josh Dallas Will Tee Up The Finale

Astute Manifest viewers will go into the Season 2 finale with plenty of questions. But before the show, they can pre-game in a Q&A session on Twitter with a couple of insiders — namely Jeff Rake and Josh Dallas. What secrets will the Manifest insiders spill before the finale? Here’s what fans can expect from the Twitter session and the episode.

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The ‘Manifest’ Season 2 finale will address the Death Date mystery

Manifest creator, Rake, spoke to TV Guide about the Season 2 finale. The episode promises to focus, in part, on the mysterious Death Date scenario via Zeke’s storyline. What will come of Michaela’s new husband?

Is Zeke doomed to perish, or will he miraculously beat his Death Date? Will a Calling give the passengers a clue to save Zeke in the nick of time? Can Saanvi recover her research and save her friend using her medical expertise?

Since Zeke presumably has only hours to live, viewers will likely get some answers during the finale. But while Zeke slowly freezes to death, the group has additional pressing life and death matters to address.

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Previously on Manifest, Cal was abducted by a trio of drug offenders that were arrested by Mick and Jared but later escaped custody. The three thugs were shown to be connected to the shadow figures in Cal’s vision.

As they scramble to save Cal, could malevolent forces be looming to harm the Stone family? The truth is yet to be revealed, but in preparation for the finale, Rake told TV Guide this:

There is the real-world life and death jeopardy that Cal is in as Ben and Michaela and others race to rescue him. On a more mythological scale, the question is whether Cal’s abduction by these shadow figures was somehow triggered by Michaela’s defiance of the Calling, and has that in turn triggered a trajectory towards some kind of apocalypse, as Adrian articulated several episodes back.

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‘Manifest’ creator Jeff Rake and star Josh Dallas will hold a Q&A session before the finale

Manifest fans who want a hint of what to expect going into the Season 2 finale are in luck. SYFY WIRE announced via Twitter that Dallas will take over their Twitter handle on Monday, April 6, at 8:30 p.m., just prior to the season finale. SYFY WIRE invites fans to tweet their questions, which both Dallas and Rake will take turns answering.

Fans have already begun populating the Q&A thread with inquiries. There are several mysteries that fans want to dig into with Rake and Dallas, plus a few anxious viewers wondering about the future of the show.

“I feel like we’ll have more questions after the season finale. Will we learn more about Grace’s past in Season 3? Will we see her and Ben’s life before the trip to Jamaica?,” asks one fan.

Another insightful fan poses this question: “What do you feel is the greatest thing Ben learned this season? And where do you think he’s headed in Season 3? And are we getting a Season 3?”

Other fans are interested in behind the scenes mysteries of Manifest, like this one: “Just how cold was it outside when you were shooting the Season 2 finale? And what did you guys do to stay warm?”

In any case, fans are sure to get some answers soon, whether from Rake and Dallas during the question and answer session, or within the Manifest Season 2 finale itself. Manifest airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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