‘Manifest’ Show Boss Drops Major Hints About the Season 3 Plot

Manifest Season 1 hooked viewers with a sci-fi mystery plot about a time-jumping airplane. And season 2 ended with an unexpected twist and more than a few lingering questions. Now season 3 is on the horizon, and the creator and showrunner Jeff Rake has leaked a few plot details.

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‘Manifest’ is scheduled to return to NBC in 2021

After more than two months of keeping fans in suspense, NBC renewed manifest for season 3 in June. Feeding the anticipation, Rake tweeted a Manifest Season 3 promo. In the caption he wrote, “Not next week or next month, but soon enough, Manifesters!”

The season 3 video tease Rake shared revolves around the mystery of Montego Airways Flight 828. The montage recaps some of what happened to the flight 828ers, from the storm to the disappearance, and the reappearance of the plane five years later.

The promo culminates with the Manifest scene that served as the season 2 cliffhanger. In it, a boat crew salvages pieces of a plane wreckage from the ocean, and the remnants of the aircraft appear to be what is left of — you guessed it — Flight 828.

‘Manifest’ Season 3 will begin with lingering questions

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In the season 2 finale, the bombshell about Flight 828 was dangled for the audience to chew on during the hiatus. But the characters on the show were none the wiser about the development. The discovery of the crashed plane could spur even more questions, suspicion, or even reverence surrounding the Flight 828 passengers in season 3.

The passengers’ mystical premonitions, or Callings, and the looming Death Date played heavily into Manifest‘s first two seasons. The 828ers were compelled to follow the voices in their heads, leading them to help others — or sometimes themselves.

Some of the characters resisted the urge, and others wrestled with doubts about the Callings’ true nature and if they were coming from a source of goodness or evil. Still, others have concluded that the only way to survive is to follow the path of the Callings. That nugget could lead to more significant storylines about free will, life, death, and purpose.

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Saanvi, who has used medicine to try to eradicate her psychic symptoms and beat the Death Date, strayed from the Callings and her “do no harm” ethos as a doctor. When she intimidated, then accidentally killed the Major who had stolen her research, Saanvi set off what could become a very juicy season 3 story arc.

“Mythologically, that opens a real can of worms for Saanvi,” said showrunner Jeff Rake in a chat with TV Line. “Not that she was defying the Calling, but she has committed an act so antithetical to what the Callings represent that it’s going to beg the question: Can she ever recover? And is there any world in which she can survive the Death Date, given what she has done? That’s going to weigh on her and everyone who loves her as we move into Season 3.”

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