Which Show Will Win In This March Madness Bracket For TV Fans?

Every year, fans of college basketball participate in March Madness. They will out brackets in order to determine which team will come out on top. Many entertainment outlets and individuals have created their own brackets, like this one to determine the best famous Chris. For anyone who is a fan of popular TV shows both past and present, here’s the bracket for you:

How does it work?

Like most brackets, there are 16 seeds in four different categories (usually by region when it comes to basketball), adding up to a total of 64 possible winners. That means that the winner of each section must win four rounds, then the semi-finals, and then the finals, which determines the ultimate winner.

In the case of the Dish Bracket Challenge, the entries are divided up by genre and time of airing: 20th Century Comedies, 21st Century Comedies, 20th Century Dramas, and 21st Century Dramas. The top comedy from each century then battles it out, as do the dramas, until your left with just one comedy and one drama. From there, you determine your ultimate winner. Here’s what you have to choose from:

Older comedies

I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy | CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

There is an impressive selection amongst the older comedies (some of which did continue airing into the 21st century but began in the 20th). Here are the initial matchups:

Gillian’s Island vs. The Simpsons, Cheers vs. Seinfeld, M.A.S.H. vs. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show vs. I Love Lucy, Will & Grace vs. All in the Family, Roseanne vs. The Golden Girls, The Brady Bunch vs. Happy Days, and Friends vs. Frasier.

Modern comedies

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Though the comedy of the past influenced what we see today, we truly are at an incredible time for TV these days. All of these comedies began airing during the 21st century, and some are still on the air, while others are not. Here are your first round match-ups in this category:

Modern Family vs. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock vs. The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine vs. Scrubs, Desperate Housewives vs. Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother vs. Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation vs. The Office, Two and a Half Men vs. Malcolm in the Middle, and Archer vs. Family Guy.

Older dramas

The Twilight Zone Eye of the Beholder
:The Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder” | CBS via Getty Images

Things get a bit more confusing when it gets to the drama selection. It features everything from sci-fi to police procedural to anthology series, and includes both hour-long and half-hour entries, including some that are decidedly comedies. Regardless, here’s how the first round of 20th-century dramas plays out:

Star Trek vs. The X-Files, Twin Peaks vs. The Rockford Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. The Twilight Zone, ER vs. The West Wing, Get Smart vs. Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU vs. Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Moonlighting vs. NYPD Blue, and Hill Street Blues vs. Ally McBeal.

Modern dramas

Castle |Mitch Haddad/ABC via Getty Images)

The drama genre hasn’t gotten distinctively more clear over time, but, in the case of this bracket, things appear more on track in this category. The 21st-century dramas are also varied, but all are hour-long series that would primarily be considered “dramatic,” and even got a bit international with a few British TV entries. These are the first-round matchups for modern dramas:

The Walking Dead vs. Breaking Bad, Sherlock vs. Castle, The Good Wife vs. Orphan Black, Downton Abbey vs. Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who vs. Lost, Homeland vs. House, Battlestar Galactica vs. Mad Men, and Dexter vs. 24.

May the best show win!

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