Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Security Guard

The news about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment of multiple women has opened the floodgates for more people to come forward. This hasn’t just affected the movie industry, but television and music as well. One of the newest allegations has been focused on Mariah Carey.

The singer has been accused of sexual and verbal harassment by someone who once worked for her. She has also been accused of not paying for services. So what reportedly happened and what is being done? Here are seven things we know about the sexual misconduct allegations against Carey by her former security guard.

1. Her former bodyguard accused her of wearing sheer lingerie around him

Mariah Carey posing on bed for makeup launch

Mariah Carey’s former bodyguard claims she wore sheer lingerie around him. | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for M.A.C

The singer’s former bodyguard and CEO of Anello Security & Consulting, Michael Anello claimed she would constantly humiliate him while he worked for her, according to TMZ. This included allegedly committing “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello,” according to the draft of a potential lawsuit.

Anello also claims that Carey asked him to bring luggage to her room during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and when he got there, she wore a sheer negligee that was open. He claimed he first tried leaving the room, but the singer told him to move the luggage. He then said he left the room without making any physical contact with her.

Anello also claimed she made some statements about race around him. This is being considered as the cause of the allegation that she verbally harassed Anello while he was working for her.

2. Anello claims Carey called him a Nazi and more

The allegations also include racial issues, with Anello claiming the pop star would refer to him as a Nazi, KKK member, a white supremacist, and a skinhead. He also claimed that she “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people,” according to TMZ.

3. He is also claiming Carey hasn’t fully paid his company for work

Mariah Carey on red carpet before holiday show

The lawsuit also claims Mariah Carey owes her former bodyguard money. | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

The potential lawsuit also includes money. The former bodyguard said his company had Carey as a client from June 2015 to May 2017. He says she still has $221,329.51 to pay for that work.

He also claimed that he was promised for two more years of work, which would be worth $511,000, according to TMZ.

4. Both sides are reportedly in talks to avoid a lawsuit

Mariah Carey at a press conference in Israel

Mariah Carey is hoping to settle the lawsuit out of court. | Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

This might never actually make it to the courtroom. According to TMZ, there is a draft of a lawsuit, but the lawsuit is on hold because there are talks of a settlement.

Carey’s side has reportedly made some moves to try to reach an agreement.

5. Carey’s representative claim they have agreed to give some payment

Mariah Carey smiling for photos in Baku, Azerbaijan

Mariah Carey has reportedly agreed to pay some of the requested bills. | Mark Thompson/Getty Images

It seems like the singer isn’t putting up a fight when it comes to the reported bills. According to TMZ, they agreed to pay certain bills, but Anello reportedly isn’t satisfied with the amount that was offered. But that only addresses some of the claims.

6. The singer hasn’t addressed the harassment allegations

Singer Mariah Carey performs on stage during the 2016 ESSENCE Festival

Mariah Carey has not publicly addressed the allegations yet. | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

From what is being reported, the singer is just addressing Anello’s financial claims. There hasn’t been a statement given addressing the alleged sexual harassment or the reported racially insensitive comments Anello says she made towards him.

7. Her team also reportedly didn’t have information on the harassment claim

Mariah Carey performs

There’s no been further information released about the  lawsuit. | Maury Phillips/Getty Images

According to TMZ, the singer’s representation claimed they didn’t have any information on the sexual harassment claim. But the news broke on Nov. 8, and there hasn’t been any further response or news on the matter.

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