Marie Kondo Finds a Cockroach in Jimmy Kimmel’s Office

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo | Marie Kondo via Instagram

Marie Kondo has become a big name since the release of her Netflix special Tidying Up, a show where she enters the homes of messy people looking for solutions to their organizational woes. That’s how, through her tidying methods and bright personality, she came to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to help Jimmy declutter his disorganized, and apparently cockroach-inhabited, office.

Marie Kondo’s path to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In 2014, Kondo released her New York Times best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Though the book achieved great success, it wasn’t until the beginning of this year, when Netflix released Tidying Up, that Marie Kondo became a household name.

In the show, Kondo introduces the KonMari method, a minimalistic organizational style that focuses on removing unused items and keeping only the items that “spark joy” in those who possess them. With this technique in mind, homeowners both on the show and at home watching began to declutter their lives and create space in their homes by ridding themselves of sparsely used clothes and items. Even Jennifer Garner has adopted the KonMari Method, with the help of Marie Kondo herself!

A visit to Jimmy Kimmel’s office

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy, a self-described pack-rat and slob, explains that Marie is coming to help him clear out the office he’s held for 16 years. After entering the office with a soft and pleasant “Konichiwa,” Marie helps Jimmy tidy up his closet space, bookshelf, and desk area. She offers advice on hanging cherished items on the wall, removing extraneous books (though she doesn’t recommend only having 30!), and touching every item to find only the ones that bring joy.

After pulling an emergency escape ladder out of the corner of his office, Marie asks (through the help of her translator, Marie Iida): “is that a cockroach?” after spotting something on the floor. “No, those are … oh, yeah, that is a cockroach,” responds Jimmy. “Sorry about that!” Sure enough, a dead cockroach is laying amongst some other clutter right there on the floor. At the beginning of the segment, Jimmy explained that this particular part of the show was in no way staged, so for Marie to find a cockroach in his space is pretty hysterical!

The importance of cleaning up for yourself

Marie then goes on to the more sentimental aspects of Jimmy’s clutter, offering advice on getting things out of the way without getting rid of them, including a sculpture that was made of Jimmy Kimmel’s grandfather. She explains to Jimmy that she’s not going to do the work for him, and finds that the only way that you can truly tidy up a space is to have the person who lives in the space do the organizing and decluttering themselves.

Did Jimmy Kimmel learn?

The clip goes on to show before and after photos, with a cluttered desk as the “before,” and a beautiful, tidied space three days later as the “after.” You may think, at this point, that Jimmy is a changed man who works in a clean office free of clutter. You’d be wrong though! The “after” photo transitions into what could only be described as an “after-after” photo of a space just as disorganized as before only five days later! A CGI cockroach crawls across the screen as a reminder of the creature Marie, unfortunately, found dead in the corner of Jimmy’s cluttered office.

Though Marie’s method may not have stuck with Jimmy, many people who read her book or have watched her show find helpful tips in the KonMari method that have ultimately helped them to organize their lives. If you’re looking to tidy up your space, give the KonMari method a try to get rid of clutter and hopefully any cockroaches you may find!