Mariska Hargitay Posts a Hilarious Before and After Photo That Has Fans Talking

Pretty much anything Mariska Hargitay posts on her Instagram gets a lot of love from loyal fans all over the world. She recently posted a before and after image that has fans talking. Read on to learn more.

‘Before call, after call’

Mariska Hargitay
Mariska Hargitay | Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Hargitay posted a hilarious “before call, after call” photo recently. It shows Hargitay before work and the other side by side image shows her ready to hit her lines flawlessly.

Hargitay captioned the image with: “Before call…after call. #BeforeTheWorks #AfterTheWorks #IWokeUpLikeThis #BensonWokeUpLikeTHIS #CaptainOnesie #SVUTwentyOnesie #HowCoolIsMyOnesie #JamesonJumperByKarenZambos # 6AMFashion #RomperRoom #BensonsUniform #MyNewUniform #TransformationThursday #ThankYouDinaShariAndJason #GlamSquad #BecomingBenson #ILoveMyJob.”

The first photo shows her wearing a jumper and looking not like her usual self that fans are used to. The next side by side image shows Hargitay ready for the camera with makeup done and her outfit looking right.

Fans react to Mariska Hargitay’s post

Numerous fans wanted to know where they could also score Hargitay’s stylish onesie. “I need that onesie,” an Instagram user said.

“I literally came here for the jumper,” another user hilariously wrote.

One fan can’t get enough of one of Hargitay’s hashtags. “You’re beautiful and #SVUTwentyOnesie is my favorite hashtag of all time😂💕,” a user said.

Some fans wanted Hargitay to know she looks great in both versions. “You look cute either way 🥰,” an Instagram user explained.

Others can’t get over some of her hashtags. “Woke up like that omg I knew you were perfect❤️,” they said.

“I keep coming back for your hashtags sis,” another user chimed in.

Many fans wish they looked like Hargitay’s before pic. “Tbh you look amazing either way. I WISH I looked like your before pic 😂😍♥️,” someone else said.

Hargitay posted another photo that everyone really loves

Hargitay didn’t stop there. She posted a brilliant throwback Thursday photo of herself as Olivia Benson from season 7. “Here’s a little #ThrowbackThursday for you #BadAssBenson #DetectiveBenson #CaptainInTheMaking #SVU21,” Hargitay captioned the post.

In the image, she’s wearing gloves and inspecting something. She looks extremely serious and fans are here for it. Numerous people commented on the fact that Hargitay still looks amazing and appears to not have aged much at all.

“You have always been so beautiful,” an Instagram user commented.

“My favorite TV cop that’s still on TV,” someone else said.

One fan says they had the exact image Hargitay posted on their wall in high school. “I was in high school and I had this photo on my wall 🚀🚀🚀🚀 been a loyal SVU fan,” they said.

Another fan commended Hargitay on all her throwback photos. “I love the throwbacks you share. It’s been a pleasure watching from #babybenson to #captainbenson,” the user wrote.

Mariska Hargitay is so much more than just an actress. She’s a role model, activist, and advocate for survivors. She’s taken her role on a television show and used it to be a force for change and good in this world. Hargitay sets her mind to something, and she gets it done. Watching her character transform from a detective all the way to captain has been a joy to see.