Mark Consuelos Reveals What It Takes to Transform Into Hiram Lodge on ‘Riverdale’ (and Which Famous Character Inspired Him)

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Even though Mark Consuelos’ character Hiram Lodge on Riverdale seems like a pretty cold-blooded guy, fans may begin to see a more multi-dimensional side of the town’s resident villain.

The Cheat Sheet spoke exclusively with Consuelos, who discussed what it takes to get into character and where he draws his inspiration. Consuelos joined the cast of the hit show during the Chapter Fourteen episode. When he did, he brought his smoldering good looks to a pretty despicable character. So how does he transform into Lodge?

The show’s aesthetics set the tone for the character

Any viewer knows the apple-pie town of Riverdale is offset by what seems to be endless sinister fog and dark overtones. But the creepiness is one of the aspects that makes the job fun for Consuelos. “First of all it is really fun to do it [become Hiram],” Consuelos says. “Plus Hiram’s wardrobe makes it really easy to get into character because it is very specific. The residence and study are also very different from all the other sets, which helps.”

He also credits the show’s writing too, which allows him to do a deep dive into the labyrinth of Lodge’s mind. Plus by now, Consuelos says he’s gotten to know Lodge pretty well. “Right now [the character] fits like a glove,” he says. “Again, the sets are so good, they really put you in the mood to get into character.”

His morning routine also helps with his transformation

Like many professionals, Consuelos greets the day with his favorite beverage: coffee. “I usually get up pretty early, about an hour before I get picked up,” he says. “And have a cup of coffee without fail. If you are like me, you need a cup of coffee to start your day out right.” Consuelos recently partnered with to McCafé at Home, which he says helps launch him into his busy day.

So how big of a coffee fan is Consuelos? And how much can he down in a single day? He pondered the question, reviewing what he could end up drinking and admitted, “I’m in the four to six cups of coffee range, maybe not on a daily basis but that’s where I can get.”

This famous person helped inspire Hiram Lodge

Character building can sometimes mean taking fragments from other personalities to build a single persona. When asked if Consuelos used anyone as inspiration he discussed one particular character he tapped into when it came to creating Lodge.

“There were bits and pieces of different guys I watched growing up,” he says. “The one I will take from is Michael Corleone from The Godfather II, where we added an ascot to the wardrobe [for the character]. Corleone wore ascots a lot.”

And reveals this about the future of his character

Consuelos was tight-lipped about revealing any spoilers but said, “It’s been a pretty wild ride for the first half of the season. And that is going to continue on,” he says. But he offers this about his character when asked if Hiram Lodge really is just a bad guy through and through.

“It would be pretty boring if that’s all he did,” Consuelos hints. “I’m happy to announce there will be some other sides that you will see. He already kind of shows those other sides from time to time because he really cares about his daughter, even though it is a really corrupt way of showing it.” So should fans prepare for a softer, sweeter Hiram Lodge? Consuelos says to keep watching.

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