Mark Hamill Teases ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ New Trailer Release Date

Star Wars fans have been anxiously anticipating a new trailer for The Last Jedi for months, and now it looks like Mark Hamill has revealed when it will premiere.

On Twitter on Tuesday, a fan tweeted at Hamill saying that today would be a good day for the trailer to premiere. Hamill responded, “Watch Monday Night Football on Monday October 9th – for no reason in particular.” Hamill subsequently deleted the tweet, but you can see a screenshot of it here.

Star Wars devotees already expected that the Last Jedi trailer would premiere during Monday Night Football at some point in the next few weeks. After all, ESPN is owned by Disney, and it was during Monday Night Football that Lucasfilm premiered the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in October 2015.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi title card

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lucasfilm

It’s certainly possible that Mark Hamill is just trolling, as he has been known to do in the past. Earlier this year, for instance, he promised to give fans a glimpse at the “Episode 8 trailer,” only to post a photo of his actual trailer on the set of the movie rather than any footage.

But the difference here is that none of those tweets were ever deleted, whereas Hamill took down this new one within hours of it going online. This suggests that he was told to remove it by Lucasfilm, perhaps because he didn’t realize he wasn’t allowed to give away the trailer release date yet. Then again, taking the tweet down could just be part of Hamill’s greatest trolling effort so far.

Still, October 9 seems like the likely release date for the new trailer. It appears that The Last Jedi is following Disney and Lucasfilm’s original plan for how to market The Force Awakens. With that movie, they premiered the first full trailer on October 19, 2015 during Monday Night Football, and tickets went on sale shortly after. That came after a teaser trailer for The Force Awakens was released in April, the same month that The Last Jedi‘s teaser dropped earlier this year. The Force Awakens did have another teaser that was released all the way back in November 2014. But as Disney CEO Bob Iger later revealed, that earlier teaser was almost not released and was not a part of the original marketing plan. Disney ultimately decided to put it out in order to give rabid fans a brief glimpse into what the new world of Star Wars looked like, but this is not something they have repeated for subsequent movies.

Luke stands silhouetted at the entrance to a cave

Luke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lucasfilm

If Disney and Lucasfilm are to follow the same marketing plan as they did for The Force Awakens, the upcoming trailer for The Last Jedi will be the only one that’s released, though TV spots will follow closer to the film’s opening day.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.