Mark Harmon: Why Don’t You Hear About the ‘NCIS’ Star That Much?

Mark Harmon is one of the most well-known television stars today. He has been the star of the hit show NCIS since the beginning in 2003. The show and its characters have been through a lot in the 16 seasons it has been on the air. 

Through all his years of success in Hollywood, there has been very little reported about him. We don’t know much about Harmon, and he is just fine with that. You see, Mark Harmon isn’t like other celebrities. He does not want to be the center of attention.

Despite being on one of the most popular shows on TV, and being recognized everywhere he goes, Harmon prefers to stay out of the spotlight. How has he been able to keep his privacy for this long? And, why don’t we ever hear about the NCIS star that much?

Mark Harmon keeps his private life private

Once chosen by People magazine as the Sexiest Man Alive, Mark Harmon is anything but basic. The actor has been able to balance his work and personal life with little to no drama.

In a recent interview with Closer Weekly, he recalls a time when he was a child, and a fan saw his father.

“My parents kept things real. I had no idea they were famous. In fact, it didn’t hit me until one day when I was riding in the car with my father in Ann Arbor, MI — I was maybe eight and could barely see above the dashboard — and we stopped at a crosswalk. Suddenly, we were surrounded by people who recognized my dad and were really thrilled to see him. I remember looking at this man I thought I knew so well and thinking, Who are you?”

Harmon’s father, Tom Harmon, was a football player and sportscaster. His mother, Elyse Knox, was an actress at the time. He didn’t know his parents were famous because he wasn’t raised on the red carpet; he was raised at home. His normal childhood and family life carried with him into adulthood.

He simply prefers to stay home with his family. None of them like spending time on social media either. Being home keeps them out of the public eye, and keeps them grounded.

“It’s not even a choice. It’s who we are,” he explains. “We stay home a lot. I’m not a Twitter guy or a Facebook guy. Our sons aren’t into that, either.”

His father taught him the value of work

According to him, his strong work ethic comes from lessons his father taught him while he was younger. “My father wanted me to be self-motivated,” Harmon said. “I was taught the only way to go about getting something was with everything you had.”

This explains why Marc Harmon’s commitment and longevity is so apparent in everything that he does. He has worked hard his entire life, including playing football for UCLA. He was also a roofer, a shoe salesman, and a carpenter, before starting his acting career.

He has also shown his value of hard work and commitment when it comes to family. He has been with his wife, Pam Dawber, for 31 years. They have raised two sons together, and he has stated that they were very “hands on” parents. They did all the work in raising them, making sure they stayed humble.

What’s next for the ‘NCIS’ star?

NCIS has been on the air for more than 15 years now. That is a long time to play the same role, and many people have started talking about the show coming to an end soon. In fact, rumors have been swirling for some time. What’s next for Gibbs and the show?

It looks like NCIS isn’t going anywhere for now. According to Harmon, the show can’t go on forever, but it’s not over yet. He thinks that as long as the writers can do their job, the show will keep going. 

This is good news for fans. The show might be in its 16th season, but it still averages about 12 million viewers per episode. NCIS is a hit, and people seem to want more.