Mark Ruffalo Tweeted the Perfect Fourth of July Gif Featuring Captain America Himself

There are no celebrity friendships quite like those of the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These stars, especially those who kicked things off with The Avengers, have been working together for years under all kinds of stress, in skin-tight suits, and had to handle the pressure of living up to the incredible legacy they’ve created time and time again — all while keeping a lot of secrets. So naturally, they’ve formed some tight bonds.

The friendship between co-stars Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo hasn’t been super well documented, but it’s still a sweet one. Both are very active on Twitter, and thus, the following exchange was par for the course. Here’s a look at the festive message Ruffalo sent out to the world, and Evans’ appropriate response.

Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans have starred in several films together

Ruffalo and Evans first appeared on-screen together in The Avengers, way back in 2012. They went on to act in Avenger: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, completing the set. (Ruffalo did not appear what many deem Avengers 2.5, Captain America: Civil War).

Though filming has been over for some time, Ruffalo and Evans are as close as ever. Speaking to ET during press for Endgame, Evans said, “We never really fall out of contact. At least, the OG 6 (Avengers). We have a text chain. From the time we wrap to the time we shoot press, we’re always talking.” 

Here’s what Ruffalo tweeted

If you’ll recall, Endgame made note of “America’s Ass,” referring to the backside of Captain America. This line was first uttered by Ant-Man and later affirmed by Steve himself when he stared at his own past self’s butt after kicking it in a fight.

This scene bears a resemblance to one in one of Evans’ earliest films, Not Another Teen Movie. In it, Evans’ character, Jake Wyler, looks at a photo of himself on the wall, and then a photo of him looking himself in the first photo. So in the GIF Ruffalo shared, Jake is instead looking at “America’s Ass.” The actor included the simple text, “Happy #FourthofJuly!” 

Evans responds in kind

Evans was quick to respond to Ruffalo’s tweet. He RT’d it, simply reacting with laughter. What else is there to say? It was a funny GIF.

Evans also tweeted his own Fourth of July message, though this one was a bit more serious. Both Evans and Ruffalo are known for their criticism of the Trump administration, and though Evans’ tweet wasn’t aimed at the president, it did encapsulate much of the fear many feel toward him these days. 

What will the Endgame stars do next?

Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo on April 24, 2015, in New York City.
Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo on April 24, 2015, in New York City. | Ray Tamarra/GC Images

With Endgame came the chance for the OG 6 to move on to new projects. Ruffalo is currently in upstate New York right now, filming I Know This Much Is True, an upcoming HBO miniseries. He also has a drama Dry Run in post-production.

As for Evans, the trailer for his latest film, Knives Out, was just released. In it, he plays the grandson of a wealthy author whose death quickly becomes something out of one of his mystery novels. He’s currently filming an Apple miniseries, Defending Jacob

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