‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Vado Gets Booted From the House

Following Vado’s explosive behavior toward Tahiry on Marriage Boot Camp, the gang was in shock. With the exception of Dr. Ish and security, no one moved to break things up.

The Aug. 6 episode picked up right where things left off with the Boot Camp couples trying to digest what they just saw. For Tahiry, things didn’t sink in right away. Here’s a recap.

Tahiry Jose
Tahiry Jose of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Vado is removed from the ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ mansion

Vado is separated from the group until Dr. Ish thinks it’s okay for him to rejoin. In her confessional, Tahiry says Vado’s never done that, but everyone is in shock. Dr. Ish is keeping Vado in the office.

He returns to comfort Tahiry and reiterates that Vado’s actions are unacceptable. He points out that because she hasn’t fully healed from abuse in other relationships, she’s become conditioned to violence. Domestic violence is never okay.

The next morning, Vado wakes up in Dr. Ish’s office and admits he messed up and lost it. After the Marriage Boot Camp team has a private discussion, they decide to send him home. Dr. Ish has a one-on-one chat with Vado to review the previous night’s events.

Vado implied Tahiry kept provoking him, and said he just got fed up. “Are you saying she asked for it?” Dr. Ish asked. He tells him he has to go, but explains he’s not getting kicked out of the program.

Vado has to leave the house and is sent to a hotel. Dr. Ish then tells Tahiry they have to work on their issues separately.

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The ‘Boot Camp’ couples do a self-reflection drill

After gathering the group, he lectures them about the no-tolerance policy for violence. They work on a lesson about their emotions.

Their first assignment is to write a list of the things they don’t like about themselves. Then, each presents one item to the rest of the group. But when it’s Tahiry’s turn, she says she doesn’t like her nose. Crying, she reveals that a man punched her in the nose a couple years ago and it’s crooked. She says it’s a reminder she’s never been loved right.

Everyone runs through their entire framed list, and at the end, find out they wrote everything out on a t-shirt. Dr. Ish makes them wear it as an exercise in owning and confronting their negative feelings.

The couples uses their fists to work through their emotions

The couples break off and talk amongst themselves, but Toni and Kurupt argue about his drinking. Dr. Ish corrals everyone for the next part of the drill. He’s set up a sparring dummy for them to punch out those aspects and behaviors they dislike. Everyone goes hard except Phaedra Parks, who is very dainty with the dummy.

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Dr. Ish surveys the group and they all agree they were able to release negativity. He dismisses them for the evening. Willie and Shanda have a breakthrough in a private conversation.

Inside the house, Kurupt shares that he’s trying to break his cycle, but he still struggles with his mother’s death. He says that loss drives him to drink, but Toni is his slice of happiness.

After getting emotional, he leaves the room. Toni vents to Tahiry and Shanda that he keeps using the same crutch or excuse. She is sad and fed up.

When they depart for the night, Toni decides to rummage to Kurupt’s phone and discovers he’s been calling “that homeless bi*ch.” He’s asleep, but she’s about to wake him up for a rumble. Viewers will have to see what happens on the next episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.