‘Married at First Sight’: Is Filming A Reason Why There Is Drama Between Spouses?

Marrying a stranger is pretty stressful and fans can see that while watching Married at First Sight. However, one thing they can’t see is what it’s really like filming the show. Is filming a reason why there is a lot of drama between spouses? This is what they had to say about the process.

Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis of Married At First Sight
Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis of Married At First Sight | Getty Images/Noam Galai

AJ Vollmoeller said production looks like “complete mass chaos”

In the episode “D Day Comes Early,” AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen sit down with Dr. Jessica Griffin. The psychologist brought up Vollmoeller’s actions when he gets frustrated. He responded by talking about the stress of filming.

“There have not been frustrations in the marriage,” said Vollmoeller. “The frustration is a lot of the outside things to do with the production aspect. For me seeing something that just looks like complete mass chaos to me. This is something that’s just disgusting to be honest.”

Dr. Griffin asked him to explain further. He said, “The level of additional added mess that they add to this complicated situation. It’s been relatively easy for us. It’s just extremely unnatural. The hurry up and wait and I’ve worked in many industries. My clients span all industries except production.”

The psychologist responded with “I hear you in the television world things are last minute and stressful.” Vollmoeller went on to say “Not only do I want to fix it. I feel like I could also revamp and redesign, get everything structured, organized, and streamlined.”

Dr. Griffin still thought Vollmoeller was passing blame on production in her interview. “The documentation experience can be stressful on top of the marriage,” she said “but sometimes people can take out their frustrations with one another on production. It’s an easy target and I just want to make sure that when the cameras go away in two and a half weeks that AJ’s not going to start taking out his frustrations on Stephanie.”

Vollmoeller isn’t the only one who has talked about how much harder marrying a stranger while filming a show.

Anthony D’Amico said he was different when filming

Anthony D’Amico got married to Ashley Petta in Season 5. They ended the season staying together and later had a child. He admitted that he was different when filming the show.

Having cameras in front of you every day for eight weeks can be a little crazy at times,” D’Amico told Mike Staff Productions. “Like when you get home from a crappy day at work and all you want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing….Yeahhhhhh that didn’t exist during filming.”

He also talked about how he was tested through the process. “There was always something going on which could really test your patience sometimes. Ashley told me after filming one day that I was way more affectionate after the cameras were turned off. I never realized that but looking back I can see what she was saying.”

There obviously is natural drama between spouses on the show. However, some have said that there is additional stress from filming, which could heighten things.

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